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Love Hina

Season 1 Episode 11

The Idol Shooting for Tokyo U is a Prep School Student: Sing

Aired Unknown Jun 28, 2000 on
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Episode Summary

The Idol Shooting for Tokyo U is a Prep School Student: Sing
Naru becomes a celebrity all across Japan as an idol and this, of course, leads to Keitaro worrying about her studies. He begins to believe that Naru no longer cares about getting into Tokyo University and becomes incredibly depressed.

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    Steven Jay Blum

    Steven Jay Blum


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    Wendee Lee

    Wendee Lee


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    Steven Jay Blum

    Steven Jay Blum

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    Donovan Ross

    Donovan Ross

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      • Keitaro: What's the big idea? You just barged into my hot tub and then you shove Tama in my mouth!
        (Looks at Naru's dripping wet clothes)
        Keitaro Huh?
        Naru: Mmmm?
        Keitaro: He, ha, he, he, ho, he!
        (Naru Seeing her wet shirt and pushing Keitaro under the water)
        Naru: You are such a pervert!

      • Reporter: Ah, what do you have to say about the rumours that you and Mr. Sakata are lovers?
        Kentaro Sakata: Uh-ha-ha. (drapes his arm around Naru)

      • Kentaro: Hey, have you seen Naru?
        (Shaking head with Tama in his mouth)
        Kentaro: Taking a hot tub while dining on live turtle? Well, that's very chic.

      • Mitsune: It's so amazing to see Naru on the cover of all these magazines. Look at this one - "A Star Is Born" - and just by looking at her photographs you can tell she's got a great shot at stardom.
        Keitaro: Are you kidding? They'll find out soon enough how rough around the edges she really is. By the way, why are you reading all these magazines here in my room?
        Mitsune: You've been collecting every magazine you could get your hands on with Naru in it. Ah-huh!

      • Keitaro: (About Naru) I just thought her big goal in life was to get into Tokyo University.
        Mitsune: Yeah, it used to be, but I'm not so sure anymore.
        Keitaro: Why? What do you mean?
        Mitsune: Mm, well I don't know if I should be telling you this, but Naru used to have a huge crush on her tutor in high school.
        Haruka: It wasn't because he was great looking or anything.
        Mistune: The real reason was that he was a Tokyo U student and because of his influence on Naru, she decided to go for Tokyo U, too.
        (Shocked expression on Keitaro's face)
        Naru: (In flashback) A long time ago I made a promise to someone that we would both go to Tokyo U.
        Haruka: But none of us have seen him or heard from him since then.
        Mitsune: Can you believe it? She got ditched and after all this time her feelings began to fade along with her dreams to going into...Tokyo U.

      • Naru: Why are you acting so strange?
        Keitaro: Naru, you're a big pop star now. You're not supposed to be hanging around with average guys like me.
        Naru: Fine then, I'll just quit. I'll stop being a pop star and come back to the apartment.

      • Keitaro: What are you doing here?
        Shinobu: Well, me and Motoko decided to quit show business.
        Mitsune: Yeah, well, actually, I lifted some money from the cash box at the office and lost it on the horse races and they kicked us out.

      • Naru: And they even want me to voice in this animation about a boy living with a bunch of girls!
        Keitaro: Boy, that sounds perverted...

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