Love in the Wild

Tuesday 10:00 PM on NBC Premiered Jun 29, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Is the show coming back for a 3rd season?

    I kind of like this show. I prefer season 1 host though but any idea if this is coming back for a 3rd season?
  • use to be good, now it sucks...

    i loved the first season of this show with the guy host (whatever his name was) it was cute, the first, second and third place couples were cute :) this season, i seriously think it sucks... its too gimicky (com on one girl with 2 guys and then 2 girls with one guy -_-) its trying way to hard! also the new host (jenny i think...) tries to be funny or something and is so annoying to me... i keep watching it but hopefully the third season (if this one didnt completely kill it) will be much better...
  • I love this show ! It is very exciting and keeps me on edge every time I watch it.


    I hope this show will continue. Although , it may be a bit awkward for the competitors to just date the person they see, it has its funny moments.

    Plot - 9/10

    Humor - 8/10

    Presenting - 10/10

    Rules - 7/10 This means that the matchmaking at the beginning of the show is a bit unfair even at elimination.

    Well done NBC,do not fail on this show!