Love, Inc.

Season 1 Episode 4

Bosom Buddies

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 13, 2005 on UPN

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  • Joe Mac!

    "Love, Inc." continues to impress as an enjoyable sitcom. This time around, naive Viviana lands her first client - a lesbian (Tamala Jones), and has trouble doing her job during "L Night" at a nightclub.

    Denise's new interest, Greg (Joey McIntyre), invites her to his birthday party. When Denise arrives, she is mortified to learn that there are two parties for Greg: an A-list party for 'important' people and a B-list party for, well, everyone else. Denise is on the B-list and is beside herself, rightfully so. Of course she finds a way into the A-list party to throw a fit and have Greg explain himself.

    So far, Denise has two potential suitors - Mike (Eric Winter) from the pilot episode - and now Greg. It'd be entertaining to have her character continue seeing Greg and then have Mike re-appear. However, at the conclusion of this episode Greg seemed a little off-kilter so it's pretty obvious Denise has had her fill of him!

    Anyways, there were quite a few laughs here and it's always nice to see Joey McIntyre acting. He's a capable and handsome presence who could add sparks to most any series - he's successfully left that 'New Kid On The Block' label behind him and has not only had a well-received solo career, but a thriving stage ("Wicked") and television ("Boston Public") career as well.
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