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  • Season 1
    • Friends
      Episode 22
      When Mike asks Denise to move in with him, things get complicated when she runs into an old friend. Meanwhile, the Love, Inc. staff tries to help a man who is in love with his female friend.
    • Dream On
      Dream On
      Episode 21
      With his poker tournament winnings, Barry announces he will help one of his co-workers fulfill their dream and they each present their cases to him. Meanwhile, Clea teaches a clueless female client how to flirt.
    • Full House
      Full House
      Episode 20
      Viviana must pass a course to extend her student visa allowing her to say in the U.S and Denise offers to tutor her. Meanwhile, Barry wins an entry in a poker tournament in Atlantic City and enlists Clea's support.
    • Fired Up
      Fired Up
      Episode 19
      Barry and Viviana try to find a match for a fireman who constantly feels a need to be a hero, and soon loses interest in a woman if she doesn't need rescuing. Meanwhile, Francine starts to feel that Denise's boyfriend Mike is ruining their friendship.
    • Cursed
      Episode 18
      Confused about her relationship with David, Clea seeks advice from Viviana's psychic and Denise's therapist. Meanwhile, Francine is disconcerted when her first date with an attractive man reveals that anything sad makes him cry.
    • Anything But Love
      Anything But Love
      Episode 17
      Trying to find a match for an agoraphobic who hasn't left his apartment in seven years, the gang finds a woman who is accepting of his disorder, only to discover that he has been lying all along. Meanwhile, Barry decides to break up with his girlfriend.
    • Curb Your Enthusiasm
      After seeing her new boyfriend Mike's apartment for the first time, Denise tries to avoid the classic mistake of trying to change him -- so she gets Francine to do it. Meanwhile, Clea and Viviana enlist Barry to show a new client who constantly cracks annoying jokes the error of her ways.moreless
    • Major Dad
      Major Dad
      Episode 15
      Major Curtis returns to the agency, this time to find a match for his daughter, unaware that she is already dating an older man. Meanwhile, Clea doesn't know whether to tell David that she's dating another guy.
    • Hello, Larry
      Hello, Larry
      Episode 14
      The staff bring all their dateless clients together for a Valentine's Day party, which they've nicknamed "The Losers' Ball." Meanwhile, Clea feels like she's getting mixed signals from David, who has left her alone on Valentine's Day, and figures it's time to try dating someone else.
    • Grace Under Fire
      Grace Under Fire
      Episode 13
      The gang discovers that Barry was once in the military when his former sergeant shows up, looking to recruit Barry for a new and different mission. Meanwhile, Denise's quest to find the man whose phone number she lost on a subway platform takes a strange new turn.
    • Arrested Development
      A surprise visit by Francine's overbearing mother causes her to reveal her friendship with the biological father who abandoned them years earlier. Meanwhile, Barry and Denise try to help a 12-year-old boy win over his first crush.
    • Three's Company
      Three's Company
      Episode 11
      Just when she's decided that the only way to get her green card is to accept a marriage proposal from young Charlie, Viviana is shocked when a former flame arrives in town to rekindle their relationship. Meanwhile, Francine and Barry have to find dates for three geeks.
    • The Honeymooners
      The Honeymooners
      Episode 10
      A former client needs help to propose to the woman he met through the firm. Meanwhile, Denise is persuaded to join Clea for the Thanksgiving holiday, but then Clea doesn't want to let her go.
    • One on One
      One on One
      Episode 9
      Learning that her new boyfriend David is super competitive, Clea tries to find some activity where she can beat him. Meanwhile, Denise and Barry try to help a man who likes a token clerk at the subway station but who finds her unapproachable because she is sealed behind bulletproof glass.
    • Thick & Thin
      Thick & Thin
      Episode 8
      Denise is visited by a formerly-overweight college friend who has achieved a dramatic weight loss and a new attitude toward life. Meanwhile, Cleo is annoyed that David wants to take their developing relationship more slowly, particularly after she discovers he has a gorgeous roommate.
    • Hope & Faith
      Hope & Faith
      Episode 7
      A client walks in whom Clea ended an affair with a couple of months after her divorce, and the gang tries to help her overcome a perceived lack of spontaneity. Meanwhile, Denise and Barry try to help a client who is curiously reluctant to go on a second date with a woman he liked.moreless
    • Amen
      Episode 6
      Cleo's former priest, who has now left the ministry to search for his soulmate, asks her out on a date. Meanwhile, Denise and Barry try to find a match for an ex-convict.
    • Family Ties
      Family Ties
      Episode 5
      Francine has to find a match for a middle-aged accountant, who turns out to have an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Denise pretends to be an animal lover after meeting a handsome veterinarian.
    • Bosom Buddies
      Bosom Buddies
      Episode 4
      After Denise is invited to Greg's birthday party for their second date, she gets confused about what kind of signals Greg is sending her, particularly when he keeps disappearing throughout the evening. Meanwhile, Viviana's matchmaking skills are put to the test when Clea asks her to take on the task of finding a date for a lesbian client.moreless
    • Mad About You
      Mad About You
      Episode 3
      Denise repeatedly returns to the place in the subway where she enountered a handsome stranger, hoping to run into him again. Meanwhile, the firm tries to deal with a very demanding client, who has a checklist of the traits her perfect match must have.
    • Living Single
      Living Single
      Episode 2
      Denise and Francine work together to help Clea get over her soon-to-be ex-husband Daniel as she finalizes the sale of their former apartment. But they disagree on what to do when they discover that Daniel's new fiance is having an affair with another man. Meanwhile, Barry develops a crush on a new client, who is unfortunately interested in only one thing.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Denise is thrilled to be contacted by an old flame, until she discovers that he is interested only in her helping him find a new love. Meanwhile, after Clea confesses the failure of her 9-year marriage, the staff determines to help her with her love life.