Love, Inc.

Season 1 Episode 15

Major Dad

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Feb 16, 2006 on UPN

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  • Some good funny moments during this show.

    Claire decides to be honest and tell David that she kissed another guy. He is upset about it, then he says they can start with a clean slate. She invites the other guy over to tell him the relationship is over and he kisses her again. David is not happy when he finds out, and she may have ruined a good relationship.

    Love Inc. clan helps a client keep her father off her back, by dating a guy she knows he will hate. However, her plan backfires when the father takes to the man when they find out they have things in common. The father waving the gun around and saying "I want his location." had me laughing a lot.

    I know this show might not make the cut when the WB and UPN merge, but I like this show.
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