Love, Inc.

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Sep 22, 2005 on UPN
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Denise is thrilled to be contacted by an old flame, until she discovers that he is interested only in her helping him find a new love. Meanwhile, after Clea confesses the failure of her 9-year marriage, the staff determines to help her with her love life.

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  • Surprisingly, very funny and enjoyable. Definitely a keeper.

    I saw the ads for this show, and considered watching, but didnt really feel like I HAD to watch it. By pure chance, whilst watching an episode of another show I had taped, it just happened that I had taped this as well, and so I decided to watch it and was suprised to find that it was actually really good. Usually with new sitcoms they tend to be really formulaic and to be blunt: not funny. This one was different and pulled me in straight away. I actually found myself laughing on more than one occasion, which is getting to be a rare thing with sitcoms (excluding of course the classics such as Friends and Will & Grace).

    The thing which struck me most was the group of core characters which were established very quickly. It is clear already who plays what role in the group, and although some of the characters may be a little cliche, this isnt their main selling point, and there's something fresh about the way they are portrayed. The main character of Denise is a really likeable and relatable character, and after seeing the actress Busy Phillips in Dawson's Creek, it made me like her even more. She already seems like a spunky, quirky female lead, and definitely a strong character on which to carry the show. That is not to dismiss the other characters in the show, as it is very much an ensemble cast. The character of Clea, the founder of the company who is going through a failed marriage, is also very strong. At first, I didnt really know what to think, and perhaps wrongly judging her by her past roles, I didnt expect her to be very funny, but she was indeed and the way the characters bounce off of each other is very well done.

    I like the way in which the jokes seem fresh and new, and dont just copy things that have been done over and over on other shows. A few times jokes were set up and I though 'oh great, here's this one again', only to have it thrown on it's head and be turned into something completely different and original. This is very refreshing whilst watching a new sitcom, as it is often critical in the first few episodes to establish where the show is going, and the dynamic between the characters, and I feel that 'Love Inc' has done this very well. The characters all work nicely with each other and some recurring jokes and trademark lines are appearing already giving some familiarity to the show. It's a good feeling to think that you already know these characters pretty well despite the short time they have been on your screen. This is how I felt after this first episode. The ending of the pilot episode also cemented in my mind that this show is a keeper, when after getting a guy's number on the subway, Denise loses her grip on the card and it is whisked away by the wind and lost forever. It was unexpected and a welcome deviation from the sucrose coated endings of many other love-centred comedies these days. It gives us a look at what to expect from the series, and shows that it has some new and interesting ideas and ways of approaching it's subject matter. Definitely in my opinion, one to stay, 'Love Inc.' is the kind of show that you can enjoy watching without much effort, and yet underneath are many hidden depths which I hope it gets a chance to explore.moreless
  • Enjoyable Fluff

    Busy Philipps, of "Dawson's Creek" and "White Chicks," stars as Denise, a wingwoman (i.e., sets clients up with dates) in New York City. Her boss, Clea (Holly Robinson Peete), is an all-business/no-play type who is separated from her husband. The other staff members are the irritating Barry (Vince Vieluf), the plucky Francine (Reagan Gomez-Preston), and the Green Card-less Viviana (Ion Overman).

    At first, this episode was nothing out of the ordinary. It introduced it's characters, all trying to help find compatible matches for their frustrated clients. Denise is the most successful at doing this, but becomes flustered when her old flame from college (who dumped her to marry another woman) arrives and seeks her help in finding him a date with similar interests. Of course, Denise goes off, asking what possibly could have happened to that perfect girl he married? Well, turns out she died. That little revelation was pretty unexpected - I think for both a shocked Denise and the audience.

    Then, Clea announces that she is filing for divorce from her husband. She and Denise, both down in the dumps, wonder why they're so good at matchmaking for others but are so bad at finding men for themselves. So Denise takes Clea out to a club, and along with the other staff members, hooks her up with a handsome man.

    On the way home, Denise meets Mike (Eric Winter) on the subway. They both instantly hit it off and Mike gives her his business card and she happily agrees to call him. Denise gets off at her stop and as the train takes off, the wind blows Mike's card away. Granted, it's only the pilot episode, but they made a real cute couple! Hopefully this situation will come to play in other episodes, with either Denise searching for Mike or vice versa.

    I definitely can't complain about the female cast - Philipps makes the most out of her role, which was originally to be played by Shannen Doherty! But the sole male in the cast, Vince Vieluf, is so annoying that you'll be hoping Clea fires him as soon as possible. There's also an amusing sequence featuring Lionel Richie's classic 1980s song, "Hello."


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