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Love It or List It, Too



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Love It or List It, Too

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AIRED ON 8/29/2014

Season 3 : Episode 7

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  • Cancel this show please!

    Although we enjoy the beauty of western Canada, this show only makes us mad! We feel the homeowners are being cheated. After spending more than a $100,000 all the homeowner gets is a new kitchen, really? Jillian is annoying and the contractor acts like a jerk. He always has a mad look on his face, like they are overworking him, even though he is obviously getting paid more than enough for his services. Also, why do they always find something major wrong with the house? Somehow even with a newer house they will have to manufacture a problem (like a leaking pipe from the We suspect the contractor or show did this on purpose so they can take one of the items off the list (like renovating the upstairs The only positive of this show is the beautiful scenery.moreless
  • Annoying

    I love Hilary and David. Not sure why they added another show. They talk just like Hilary and David. Even their personalities are the same which is a real turnoff. They should have their own identities. I won't watch it. Can't imagine they have a good following.
  • $190,000 for One Floor and a Deck, Really?

    Although I have watched both Love It or List It shows for as long as they have been on and will more than likely continue to do so, the latest episode [1/9/2015] really worked my nerves! I understand that a lot of money had to go to resizing the deck and moving the footers (which was a given), but, come one, the fact that Jillian had trouble reallocating money to give the couple what they needed before undertaking any renovations was unbelievable to me! With $190,000, repeat $190,000, the upstairs should have been renovated as well with a functioning bathroom, to say the least! What about options, compromise and or sitting down with the homeowners to come up with viable modifications to achieve a "win/win" scenario, even if camera time is not devoted to this but implied in some fashion? 1st of all, as the homeowner, I would have only given her $120,000 initially (for example), and when she asked for more money, possibly have given her the rest! But then again, I say this about almost episode I watch of either show and am always pleading with the homeowners through the television to "Hold on to some of your money until you find out how much it is going to take to renovate your very old home!" And, what's up with all of the white walls, cabinets and countertops? Cheaper for Jillian, maybe, but at the expense of creative design aesthetic... It seems as if the designers' own agendas take precedence over the desires of the homeowners, so that they can go back in and complete the remaining projects, just in case couples do decide to side with Todd and list their homes! Furthermore, the contrived drama is truly unnecessary since there is enough of it watching Jillian inform the couples of what she is not going to do for them, which is exasperating and more of a distraction than not! I do like watching the design crew transform ordinary rooms into spacious and functioning living areas, but the journey and end results very seldom seem to meet my expectations as a viewer!moreless
  • horrible

    They get over 175,000 dollars to renovate the house and she can't do anything with it but the first floor Hillary would've been able to do the whole house and more. She has no experience on being a designer it seems like she looks for the most expensive way of doing things when all they need to do is change out the cabinets but instead she swithches every room, she's like a kid I'm a candy store and does whatever she wants without thinking of a budget plan and I even think she pockets most of the money with how little she does on renovating the house the property brothers can do everything they want and more including hillary, Hillary can do way more or the same with 75,000moreless
  • Ah, FAKE!!!!

    I love Love it or list it. I kind of liked Love it or list it, too. That is until the 'Hand Me Down House' ep screamed out FAKE!! Just as Jillian and her assistant start talking design her contractor walks in and says he has a problem. Jillian's exact words 'But you haven't even picked up a hammer His replay is seen like this to me 'I waved a magic wand and even though I have NOT touched ANYTHING in this house I went out and got an asbestos report. It's positive! It's in the ceiling I haven't done more than looked at, It's behind that untouched backsplash, it's also below that untouched linolium tile your standing on. It's inside all these solid kitchen walls!!' If that doesn't scream that this show is fake come on! I understand the need to create a little drama in these shows. But come on give me a break! The fact that the contractor hasn't so much as lifted a finger in this property much less done any thing called work and yet suddenly Guess What? I got an asbestos report! I mean had they started work and caught it sure but not TOUCHING ANYTHING and yet magically knows its in the ceiling, floor and walls! Get real I almost didn't finish the ep it made me mad that they had to scream out the words THIS SHOW IS FAKE in my face annoyed me!moreless