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Renovate or real estate? Realtor David Visentin and designer Hilary Farr compete for the homeowners' final decision to stay or go. David's insider perspective on the real estate market helps target listings to prospective buyers, but Hilary is determined to show homeowners that, within their budget, she can transform their worn-out house into a house they can love. If the owners decide to list it, Hilary's hard work adds to the home's resale value.
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  • Design Show or Psycho drama

    Worst HGTV attempt yet. Everyone is angry-argumentative and just plain negative. That is not entertainment or a design show.. It is food for Psychology Today. Why would HGTV think this is something people would enjoy watching-the commercials are a welcome break in this one. Maybe that is the strategy-to draw attention to the sponsors. Marathon days are the worse. Hour after hour of anger, frustration, and frowns. Time to archive this one!!!moreless
  • Worst Acting Ever!

    Everyone knows reality TV isn't exactly real but the producers and cast of Love It Is List It don't even try. It is so cheesy, so staged. There is not a single element of this show that is authentic. Not one. Even the home owners are completely scripted. THIS SHOW IS HORRIBLE.

    HGTV- you once had such high standards. What happened?
  • show should change its name

    why is this show called love it or list it.. 99 percent of all of them love it change the name or changes the program getting old fast i mean fast...
  • why so mean....

    why are the so called home owners always so mean .I know it is all part of the show but I see enough mean people in daily life, don't want to watch it on a show meant to give ideas on home remodeling. just crazy
  • Love it or List it, Really?

    How much longer does HGTV plan to keep shoving these episodes down our throat? It seems like its on all the time. It's the same plot every show, bitchy homeowner, Hilary can't do half of what she said she would do, David shows two terrible homes and then they love the third. Homeowners whin at every turn, fight with each other, one partner net picks everything on the houses shown. Same old crap!!! Plus you can't rate this mess of a show 0!!!moreless

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