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  • The odds are always for Hillary

    I think Hillary has a tremendous advantage over David.. 9 out of 10 of the homes David shows are EMPTY whereas Hillary is allowed to decorate to her hearts content with family photos, plants, pictures, food, etc. etc. Whenever the couple are asked if they Love it or List it I say to it ! Most often the answer is just think David should be allowed to show, the empty rooms on a computer just like the Property Brothers do with furniture etc. It's not as good as actually being in the rooms but it would be more fair!.... Granted, Hillary does do a great !!!

  • Househunters are obnoxious

    Production casting NEVER finds intelligent, fair couples??? I just watched 2018 season premier and the husband homeowner pulled back the budget $20,000 after construction began! There's no contract that poorly written. This show should be called 'Couples who desperately need therapy'. Nothing wrong with Hillary or David, they're pretty awesome, they've just been given disfunctional couples to work with.
  • Same show over and over

    Just started watching this it's the same show different guest. So me a you really think we believe a bunch of the bogus problems you come up with?!? If an electrical panel in the bathroom is an did it pass inspection when it was built and again when it was sold to the couple? The acting between Jillian and her contractor is so the extra money you pocket and get them some acting coaches!!
  • uponcripplecreek

    I love watching Hillary & David. I wish I could have her redo my home. I tape every episode they are on!
  • Ripping off the client

    It has become all too common place to find Hilary needs more money and yet NEVER seems to complete one of the most important requests. Normally Hilary chooses not to do the kitchen, which happens to be the costly project. She also loves doing basements. Over time I find the things Hilary fixes are things you can't see mixed with cosmetic stuff. I would never use these people to renovate my property. I estimate they give you 50% of the value you give them.

    If a contractor bids the job, THEN finds things they missed, they eat the difference. Really tired of Hillary. She is always asking for more money OR not completing the job. I would throw her out on her ear, after giving her the choice either perform as promised or return the home to the original status or be sued!
  • One annoying show

    You kinda know from square one that whatever budget they are working with will never ever be enough. The question is who is ripping the people off: Hillary or - less likely - the contractors? If you just watch a bundle of other "rehab" shows, it is obvious that people are being gouged through the nose. At the end of each and every episode there are verbal fighting matches verging on boring reality drama or soap opera. Personally I can't stand it. She lacks transparency from the get go. Cutting corners is EXPECTED at the end of each and every show. Why isn't that happening in other shows? Who the heck wants to hire that woman? Hilary, hire a home inspector to see if there are any hidden "surprises" and then ask for money, not the other way round.

    All in all, extremely expensive rehabs that are never finished. Hilary, you lack class!

    That's one cheap Canadian HGTV show, for sure.

  • Love it or List it!

    The original show with Hillary and David is fabulous! The competitive chemistry is light-hearted, quirky, and funny. Please continue to show the original duo.

    I don't like the Love it or List it too. David and Hillary make the show. I watch just to see them.
  • Too little too late

    I did use to love this program but now, too many debates between Hillary and her staff... never fun to watch, and she never gets to really finish her project... David is cool but shows homes way too off the mark for the folks he is trying to impress. Yes, I know it's a TV show and that 'drama' is what draws people in... but it's gotten too 'Reality TV' for me to enjoy... if it goes back to showing Hillary's actual talents and David's Silver tongue salesmanship, then I will come back and enjoy.. but right now, it just gets lost in all of the other 'same plot' programs... and the acting... well.... it might be better to allow the real people to be 'real people' and not scripted conversations and arguments... but that's just one gal's opinion
  • It could be a good show

    The contractors are ripping people off!
  • Loud background music

    I love all your HGTV shows but the only problem I have is the background music drowns out the voices of people talking so its hard at times to understand what they are saying I have to keep replaying and replaying so please help me if you can do something to lower the background noise it would be beneficial and easier for seniors to watch and understand thank you, a loyal viewer Judy
  • A Different Plot? No!

    Same story,different cast, different house. Why don't you actually complete what they ask for once in a while. No, always the same. Hidden damage, have to rewire. Redo the plumbing. Water damage. Never, but never get everything done. Same story, different houses and players. Come on and give something real! Does EVERYONE want Open Concept? Granite? Hardwood? Stainless Steel? Example, a couple walks into a real nice home and she says something like floors, are they hardwood?" David might say, "no they are She might say "OMG we will have to rip them out!" Guess what, we are not all so vain that all we care about is impressing our "friends".... Open concept is cheaper to build.... wall to wall carpeting is cheaper than windows are cheaper than windows with individual the list goes on and on. And the "farm sink" in the kitchen is ugly in my opinion.
  • I really like the show!

    I really like the show & enjoy the host & hostess. They are a lot of fun and have fun working together. The part of the show that I feel needs to change is the formate. It is the same for every esipose. Maybe just go with the flow, not every show needs to have all the drama of things going wrong.

  • Enough already

    After watching this show for a while, this lady is a piece of work. Every time someone gives her she always finds something. I've even noticed this in newer houses. Her contractors are knocking her heads off. She never gets my thing completely done
  • love it or hate it i hate it

    love it or list it sucks all tht other hgtv programs are good hillary and dave need to seal themselves behind one of the walls they build hes bald and turtle like why is thiis still on they never have enough in budget to finish job TAKE IT OFF THE AIR i dont want to spend a whole day watdhing them
  • Curious about L_O_L ??

    Hilary is always saying that her time is running out to fix a house. What IS the time-line to get a house renovated on Love it or List it? How long does Hilary have to re-do a house and how long does David have to find a house for folks? Just curious!! LOVE the show!
  • Tim22

    i would not choose Hilary to do anything! Every time she does a house, she always has additional expensive repairs that spoil the owners' dreams. Doesn't she ever conduct pre contract inspections??

    I enjoy watching Hillary Farr re-image a space. She is one of my favorite designers. I wish I had her imagination. To be able to look at a space and see how by turning this to one side and the other thing to another side you will have a bigger more spacious result. It is a wonderful gift she has.
  • Love IT

    Love the original with Hillary and David, Desta, Fergus, Eddie and more...

    Don't like the new version, I will watch it, however, nothing like the original "snazziness"
  • Big Change

    Just saw the first new episode in a while, I assume this is the new season. What happened to everyone? Desta, Eddie and Fergus are Gone. I miss them. I suppose I could get used to the new crew but I think that the Desta character, Hillary's assistant should be replaced. As to all the reviews I read on this page saying that the homeowners were ripped off - that is crap! Hillary goes into a home that is usually close to 100 years old, the people have lived there 20 years and haven't spent one penny on maintenance. The roof leaks, the foundation is falling down, the wiring is from the last century. Of course she has to address those problems. You can't put lipstick on a pig. To make it fair, the homeowners should pony up the money to fix all the deferred maintenance problems and let Hillary use her entire budget on her list. The only person getting ripped off on this show is Hillary.
  • Do people not watch this show before they try to be on the show???

    On 'Love it or List it,' do the people that want to be on the show not watch this show first??? If they did, they would know that they're not going to get what Hillary tells them they will. And she should fire totally ripping her off!
  • Can't believe they are still on

    What in the world is HGTV thinking?! This show is so I were a client and told to give them so much money for a remodel and then less than half gets done, I would sue. Property Brothers & other shows manage to get things done.
  • You have a Rip of contractor

    All I can say you need to get rid of that contractor completely ripping the people off. Considering you can build a home for $150,000 and they can only do a fraction of the work for that total crap....... Quit ripping people the contractor. Ego is in his way....
  • So predictable it's laughable

    God just for once let's see all the remodeling done within budget, or find the great next house in the first or second try, it's always number three. So sick of all the predictable drama. Worst show on HGTV . If the property brothers can do it why can't they?
  • Design Show or Psycho drama

    Worst HGTV attempt yet. Everyone is angry-argumentative and just plain negative. That is not entertainment or a design show.. It is food for Psychology Today. Why would HGTV think this is something people would enjoy watching-the commercials are a welcome break in this one. Maybe that is the strategy-to draw attention to the sponsors. Marathon days are the worse. Hour after hour of anger, frustration, and frowns. Time to archive this one!!!
  • Worst Acting Ever!

    Everyone knows reality TV isn't exactly real but the producers and cast of Love It Is List It don't even try. It is so cheesy, so staged. There is not a single element of this show that is authentic. Not one. Even the home owners are completely scripted. THIS SHOW IS HORRIBLE.

    HGTV- you once had such high standards. What happened?
  • show should change its name

    why is this show called love it or list it.. 99 percent of all of them love it change the name or changes the program getting old fast i mean fast...
  • why so mean....

    why are the so called home owners always so mean .I know it is all part of the show but I see enough mean people in daily life, don't want to watch it on a show meant to give ideas on home remodeling. just crazy
  • Love it or List it, Really?

    How much longer does HGTV plan to keep shoving these episodes down our throat? It seems like its on all the time. It's the same plot every show, bitchy homeowner, Hilary can't do half of what she said she would do, David shows two terrible homes and then they love the third. Homeowners whin at every turn, fight with each other, one partner net picks everything on the houses shown. Same old crap!!! Plus you can't rate this mess of a show 0!!!
  • expensive reno

    David is OK but Hilary asks for so much budget but does not show much improvement. She can do so much better for the budget!!
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