Love It or List It - Season 1

Weekdays 10:00 AM on W Network Premiered Sep 08, 2008 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Turner Family
    The Turner Family
    Episode 13
    The Turner's have a dated home and Hilary decides to focus on the kitchen, living room, and backyard. David is convinced that the couple will move to a new home that doesn't need any more work over their current home, which will still need some fixing even after Hilary is done.moreless
  • The McGeachie Family
    Derek and Andie bought a 100-year old home in a great location but their growing family is putting strains on the space. With a third child on the way and only one full bathroom, Hilary must get creative to convince the family to stay while David shows them a modern home full of potential.moreless
  • The Pliskat Family
    The Pliskat Family
    Episode 11
    Kira rented out the basement of her duplex until she got married to Mike. However, the duplex layout isn't really conducive for their growing family - with two kitchens, unused stairway, and bedrooms on the main floor. Hilary has a big job but a floor plan to work with while David shows the couple 3 houses, one of which could be the perfect match for this family.moreless
  • The Wood Family
    The Wood Family
    Episode 10
    Suzanne and McLean hate their kitchen and their backyard in the urban city. Although renovated already, Hilary has to find a way to improve the layout and finishings inside and out even further. David tries to convince the family that moving is their best option.
  • The Roedger Family
    The Roedger Family
    Episode 9
    This couple moved into their house 16 years ago! Now, it simply feels old and lackluster. Hilary has her work cut out with the mid-80s layout. They also need an office and a 4th bedroom. Meanwhile, David of course thinks the family should move and shows them generously-sized houses in their price range.moreless
  • Safely at Home
    Episode 8
  • The Singh Family
    The Singh Family
    Episode 8
    After 10 years of living in their Toronto home, Tim and Tarquin need a revamped main floor and some extra room for their family. David wants to convince them to move out and into a new home.
  • The Thomson Family (2)
    Helen and Jamie moved into their first house when their son was just 3 weeks old. Now, the cozy interior is getting a little crammed. Hilary plans her renovations while David reveals several listings in the family's price range.
  • The Doudelets Family
    Jay and Shari moved to the Beaches in Toronto nine years ago. Their eldest son and a roommate live in the basement and go to university. The top two floors are closed-in and old fashioned and Hilary has to change that to make the couple stay. David plans a fresh start in a house that is already completely finished and in the same neighborhood.moreless
  • The Preston Family
    The Preston Family
    Episode 5
    Thom and Melissa purchased a country-style farmhouse. However, Hilary soon finds that bedroom space and the kitchen are the two major problems in this house. David thinks that the family can grab a more modern home with high quality finishes if they are willing to spend a bit extra.
  • The Thomson Family
    The Thomson Family
    Episode 4
    Kira and Andrew bought their first home 3 years ago, but with an expanding family and an older Toronto home, Hilary needs to improve the home cosmetically. David wants the family to start fresh and plans to find a house that this couple cannot refuse.
  • The McMinns Family
    The McMinns Family
    Episode 3
    In Coutrice, Ontario, Brad and Laura desperately need 4 bedrooms. However, with a budget, Hilary is unsure if she can deliver, making David optimistic about getting the family to move.
  • The Lederman Family
    Back in 1999 it was just Jessica and Steve. Now, their family includes 4 kids and a dog and they're just flat out of space. Hilary has to find a place for Steve's instruments while David scours the neighborhoods close by to get them into a larger home.
  • The Challengers
    The Challengers
    Episode 1
    Twelve years after buying their first Toronto home, Kim and Richard now have two teenaged children and a total lack of space. Hilary drastically needs to improve flow and space while David needs to find the family a much more spacious home with a tight budget.