Love It or List It - Season 2

Weekdays 10:00 AM on W Network Premiered Sep 08, 2008 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Bayda-McLean Family
    A mother and son (Natalie and Brandon) live is a cramped 1100 square foot home. It's over 20 years old and Brandon is very tall. But Hilary and David seem to only divide their decisions further.
  • The Sproat Family
    The Sproat Family
    Episode 13
    John and Rebecca rushed to buy a house to start a family. But now with one child and another on the way, the two are split on to manage their housing situation. Both Hilary and David will have to deal with unrealistic expectations of the young couple and some lack of faith in both to come out on top.moreless
  • The Elliott Family
    The Elliott Family
    Episode 11
    Doug and Ellie overlooked the lack of function in their current house. The kids have grown up and left and the basement is unused. Hilary uncovers serious damage in the basement while David exposes the financial risks they couple might have to take if they move.
  • The Smout Family
    The Smout Family
    Episode 10
    Leigh and Erin's family keeps growing and their house doesn't seem to fit a family of 5. Hilary has to deal with spiraling expectations while David deals with the needs and wants the family has.
  • The Adamidis Family
    Chris and Petrea bought a fix-er-up-er. But years later, some of the renovations are still unfinished. Hilary plans big, but ends up stuck removing mould and rot. David looks for a house that can get them to move on a budget.
  • The Goddard Family
    The Goddard Family
    Episode 8
    Chris and Stephanie bought their first home 5 years ago. But now the house is too small with their new baby. Stephanie plans for more children while Chris wants to fix the house up and stay. Hilary and David duke it out in this episode.
  • The McLean Family
    The McLean Family
    Episode 7
    Andy lives in a triplex in the city with two teenaged sons while Parveen recently married into the family. The third floor tenants just vacated, so Hilary has her work cut out, renovating both the first, second, and third floors - but there are many challenges - 2 kitchens and an unsafe deck. Andy loves the place but Parveen is convinced they need to sell it. Can David persuade Andy to give up his first home?moreless
  • The Yee Family
    The Yee Family
    Episode 6
    Helen and Andrew have lived in their uptown home for 15 years. The important thing is that the current house follows the Feng Shui principles of good energy flow. David will have a hard time finding something that fits the many rules of Feng Shui. Hilary improves the home, making it even more Feng Shui friendly - persuading them to stay.moreless
  • The Ford-Williams Family
    Gerard and Laka found a small house with charm, however, Gerrard is tall and the ceilings are not. His closet is also situated in the basement and there is only one bathroom. Laka feels the house is still worth investing in while Gerard is set on moving immediately. Can Hilary turn the space around or will it costs too much to get everything right? David shows the family what they can get for top dollar.moreless
  • The Kowaliks Family
    In their High Park home, Rob and Kim thought of raising a family. But Kim had a miscarriage and now have too much space to live with. And the age of the home has Hilary needing to insulate certain rooms and adding a second bathroom. Rob doesn't want to sell and David will have to change that.moreless
  • The Cunniam Family
    The Cunniam Family
    Episode 3
    Rod's bachelor pad isn't exactly the home Jennifer envisioned. Hilary works on Rod's emotional investment into the home, by personalizing the space for both of them, while David works on trying to find alternative homes that they actually both like.
  • The Tallmeister Family
    Kim doesn't want to leave their duplex her and Erik have lived in since 1997. The basement and the bedrooms are definitely the focus on Hilary in this home. David works on Erik in getting the family to move to a larger home.
  • The Mitchell Family
    Andrew and Julie found their dream home, only it was across the street and someone lived there. When it went up for sale, they quickly bought it because of the size for their family of four. But, now the couple has three children, and two of the children have to share a bedroom. Hilary plans to convert their currently unfinished third floor into a beautiful bedroom. David has it tough because of the emotional investment, but he plans to woo this family into a wonderful in the same area and with the same charm.moreless