Love It or List It - Season 3

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Episode Guide

  • Surplus of Storage
  • Battling Over Bedrooms
  • The Brown Family
    The Brown Family
    Episode 26
    Blinded by the beauty of the ravine backed yard, the Browns rushed to buy their cute urban cottage. Hoping to grow their family they've asked Hilary and David to slug it out to secure some desperately needed square footage.
  • The Maharishi Family
    This family settled down into a suburban fixer upper, however, Rahul has a strong vision of staying and renovating but Rachel can't see an end result.
  • The Milne Family
    The Milne Family
    Episode 24
    With 4 kids, their 5 year old home has been quickly outgrown. James is fed up with growing list of renovations while Sharon is really attached to the house.
  • The McPherson Family
    Jason's home-based personal training business puts a strain on the house and Karin wants to separate the two.
  • Kasia and Patrick
    Kasia and Patrick
    Episode 22
    With their first child on the way, two artists have a second floor that needs to be renovated. But with a tiny budget, both Hilary and David are constrained in their work to do.
  • The Olmstead Family
    The Olmstead Family
    Episode 21
    The Olmsteads live in the second floor apartment of their century fixer upper but plans to reform this residence went astray when baby Ben came along. Now Hilary and David are aiming to bring this couple together in a house that's right for a family.
  • Mark and Alana
    Mark and Alana
    Episode 20
    When a young couple invites a parent to join them in their dysfunctional fixer-upper, both Hilary and David will have to work their magic! Now it's a race against time to create a residential renaissance that can please the entire family. Will they love their home again? Or will they list it?moreless
  • The Renton Family
    The Renton Family
    Episode 19
    Mike and Teresa live in a 90 year old charming home by the lake that's lovely on the outside, but seriously lacking on the inside. Mike doesn't want to cut the ties to the home but Teresa is fed up with its problems. With limited budgets and long lists, both Hilary and David will have to duke it out.moreless
  • The Hung Family
    The Hung Family
    Episode 18
    Laurie is stepping in to save her parent's house or allow them to move into something new. Laurie wants to renovate the house while her mom just wants to leave with her husband. Hilary tries to reclaim the love for the house while David tries to get the family into a new home.moreless
  • Colin and Beth
    Colin and Beth
    Episode 17
    Expecting their first baby, Colin and Beth have a suburban cottage that Hilary has to work some magic on. Meanwhile, David tries to get them closer to the city.
  • The Pinnock Family
  • The Pollock-Jones Family
  • The Dinis Family
    The Dinis Family
    Episode 14
  • The McKeon-Bryce Family
  • The Ramos Family
    The Ramos Family
    Episode 12
    Steve and Jennifer bought a fixer-upper three years ago. But the problems still lay out in the open, needing to be done. Steve doesn't have the time and wants to get into a finished home.
  • The Smyth Family
    The Smyth Family
    Episode 11
    Kelly and Colin consider moving away from their compact, busy urban home.
  • The Matthews-Rooney Family
    Nancy and Andrew need a functional space for their family, but both Hilary and David are put to the test to please these homeowners.
  • Jim and Connie
    Jim and Connie
    Episode 9
    These two dream of growing their family, but their tiny home can't support any other family members.
  • Mark and Desta
    Mark and Desta
    Episode 8
    Hilary's design partner Desta puts Hilary to the test when she and Mark have reno plans that go awry. David tries to please the modern couple as well but ends up in condo land.
  • The Cira-Bagnato Family
    Charles and Sherri are desperate to accommodate their ever changing family.
  • The Ethier Family
    The Ethier Family
    Episode 6

    Rachel and Stephane's home was perfect for just the two of them. But with two kids, the walls seem to have closed on in.

  • The Gallagher Family
    The family's bungalow is bursting and is in need of a serious make-over. But Hilary is confronted with a tight budget and David will have to find space for a family of 6 on a dime.
  • The Shanahan Family
    John and Cecile had previously found the perfect retirement home but life changed when they took on the task of caring for their grandson. Hilary must convince John to stay while David must convince Cecile to leave.
  • Ed and Martine (The Richardsons)
    Eddie, who is a contractor on the show has a home full of potential but currently in a state of chaos. Being on the show for two years has left little time to finish his own and Martine is not particularly happy about this. Martine wants to move and plans to get David to persuade Eddie. But Hilary and Eddie have worked some tough designs before and plan to work together to make this a home to stay.moreless
  • The Nguyen Family
    The Nguyen Family
    Episode 2
    The Nguyen family are ready to reclaim their basement, previously rented, and convert the house back to a single family home. Manh things renovating will be best but Masako thinks there are too many issues to address.
  • Michael and Jeffrey
    Michael has one foot already out the door but Jeffrey really loves their central townhouse. Michael wants to downsize and gives David a run for his money. Meanwhile, Hilary clashes with both Michael and Jeffrey which causes Hilary to challenge her design team to come up with solid solutions.