Love Monkey

Season 1 Episode 8

Coming Out

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 16, 2006 on VH1
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Coming Out
On the eve of Wayne's first album release, screaming teenage girls, greedy music executives and manipulative publicists are all trying to now get a piece of him. Tom is trying to protect Wayne, but Tom's old mammoth label Goliath keeps tempting him and his parents with a lucrative new contract offer and that True Vinyl is too small to take his career to the next level. Meanwhile, Karen and Mike prepare for the birth of their baby, Bran learns whether or not she got the big promotion, Shooter must finally decide if he'll take over the family business and Jake must choose if wants to face the repercussions of coming out professionally.moreless

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  • Como ótimas séries podem ter um final tão melancólico, deixando um gostinho de 'quero mais' nos fãs...

    Depois de "Commander in Chief", chegou a vez de "Love Monkey" terminar da mesma maneira: pela metade, sem respostas para algumas tramas, e no melhor dos momentos. Esta série (como tal como a primeira citada) poderia e deveria continuar sendo produzida, e eu fico tentando imaginar motivos para ela não ter 'pegado'...

    "Love Monkey" tem diálogos inteligentes e rápidos (mas não tão rápidos como em "Gilmore Girls"), uma turma de amigos fiéis e afinados (mas não tão dependentes como em "Friends"), e música, muita música. E música boa, pop e contemporânea.

    A pergunta que fica é: 'porque séries assim acabam'? Além, é claro, de outras perguntas (referentes à trama da série) que nunca terão respotas...moreless
Teddy Geiger

Teddy Geiger


Guest Star

Jeff McCarthy

Jeff McCarthy

Wayne's Father

Guest Star

James McDaniel

James McDaniel

Derrick Cooper

Guest Star

Eric Bogosian

Eric Bogosian


Recurring Role

Ben Shenkman

Ben Shenkman


Recurring Role

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    • Tom: (to Wayne's parents) Here's what I want you guys to think about. Before I came here to True Vinyl, I wanted to sign Wayne, as you recall, very badly. And yet I told you to go with an established label. And you did. You came here. Now, I want to tell you how often that happens in the music world. Precisely, never. And now I'm telling you that it is in Wayne's best interests to stay at this label. And if you don't believe that, then you don't trust me and you absolutely are at the wrong label.

    • Bran: Megan told Scott that I am cheating on him with you.
      Jake: With me what?
      Bran: With you, sex affair. You and me. (Jake stares blankly) It's not that horrific of a thought.

    • Tom: (about Wayne) I got no problem with the kid testing his wings. You know what I am? I'll tell you what I am. I am the wind beneath his wings. I am...
      Bran: ...quoting Bette Midler.

    • Tom: I could kiss you.
      Julia: You could, but what fun would that be?
      Tom: No fun at all.

    • Tom: What I'm saying is, at True Vinyl, we're trying to get the artists what they really need. At True Vinyl, we say we're gonna do something, we do it, because at True Vinyl, things work.
      Julia: Elevator's out.
      Tom: What? Where's Larry?
      Julia: Phil hired Larry away and Larry had the key.
      Wayne's Father: Well, this sort of sums things up, doesn't it?
      Wayne's Mom: We'll take the stairs.

    • Shooter: (about Clete) Come on Jake, what do you expect? I mean, he's a guy.
      Jake: Monogamy, commitment, honesty.
      Shooter: Then date women.
      Tom: To women.
      All: To women.

    • Tom: It's Phil. The devil. Satan. Beelzebub. Lucifer. Scratch. Succubus.
      Mike: Succubus?
      Jake: Show-off.
      Mike: Is that even a word?
      Shooter: Does have a nice ring to it.
      Jake: You know, I knew a guy once who, uh....
      All: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

    • Phil: Indie Spirit.
      Tom: What's that, a deodorant?

    • Mike: You will also find emergency procedures, in case one of you happens to be with Karen when her water breaks.
      Jake: Oh, I'm gonna be busy that day.
      Tom: We've got a thing.

    • Danny: Wayne, I'm a huge fan. I have been since Phil discovered you.
      Julia: Oh, Tom discovered Wayne, Danny.
      Phil: Doesn't matter, it's in the past. Let's just say Goliath found Wayne.
      Tom: Let's just say I found Wayne.
      Phil: Goliath, you, it's the same thing.
      Tom: No it isn't.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: August 7, 2009 on Nova Cinema

    • When Wayne and Tom are in the record store to see Wayne's CD on the shelf, the song playing in the background is "Walk Over Me" by Dirtie Blonde. This band opened for Teddy Geiger (who plays Wayne) when he went on tour.

    • Music:
      Natasha Bedingfield, "Unwritten". Natasha Bedingfield performs it when the four guys are discussing their day at the bar.

      Mya, "You". Mya sings it to Shooter as a present from the guys to him.

      John Mellencamp, "Your Life is Now". Song plays over the cab ride at the beginning, and reprises over the last two scenes.

    • Never aired on CBS


    • Tom: It's Phil. The devil. Satan. Beelzebub. Lucifer. Scratch. Succubus.

      The term Scratch, or "Old Scratch", is a colloquialism for the Devil, used in Stephen Vincent Benet's short story "The Devil and Daniel Webster". A succubus is a demon who takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men in their sleep.