Love Monkey

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  • Season 1
    • Coming Out
      Coming Out
      Episode 8
      On the eve of Wayne's first album release, screaming teenage girls, greedy music executives and manipulative publicists are all trying to now get a piece of him. Tom is trying to protect Wayne, but Tom's old mammoth label Goliath keeps tempting him and his parents with a lucrative new contract offer and that True Vinyl is too small to take his career to the next level. Meanwhile, Karen and Mike prepare for the birth of their baby, Bran learns whether or not she got the big promotion, Shooter must finally decide if he'll take over the family business and Jake must choose if wants to face the repercussions of coming out professionally.moreless
    • Mything Persons
      Mything Persons
      Episode 7
      Tom gets the chance to buy the catalogue of a singer who cracked under the pressure of the music business years ago and never completed his long-awaited sophomore album.
    • Opportunity Knocks
      Tom and the guys attend Carmine Moretti's, the owner of their favorite pizza place, funeral when Tom finds that Carmine's son Ray is an amazing singer and could be a star. But since Ray must now support his family and take over his father's business, Tom must convince Ray not to squander his talent and convince Jeff that Ray has more potential for greatness than the artist Julia wants to represent. Meanwhile, when Shooter and Mike are mugged, they are both forced to deal with the situation in their own way.moreless
    • The Window
      The Window
      Episode 5
      Tom has a small window of opportunity to promote the Barbarian Brother's latest album and a review from Abby Powell could take the band to the next level. However, as the band's rock star lifestyle spins out of the control and Abby makes her feelings for Tom known, Tom must find a way not sabotage both his career and love life. Meanwhile, Bran's relationship with Scott progresses until a pregnancy scare threatens to derail it.moreless
    • The One Who Got Away
      Tom must represent Kira, his ex-girlfriend, and her band and promises them a spot on the Tonight Show, but gets in over his head when both realize they still have feelings for each other. Shooter and his father square off over the same woman, Jake comes to grips with his past, and Mike gets wildly jealous when Karen reveals the name of an old boyfriend.moreless
    • Confidence
      Episode 3
      Tom deals with a tight budget, quirky director and looming deadline as the record company films Wayne's first video, complicated when he finds Julia has a personal connection to the director. Jake is pressured to invent a catch phrase for his sportscaster job. Bran's plans to get her friends to bond with her boyfriend Scott don't go as well as planned. Mike suspects Karen of testing his fatherly skills when she agrees to babysit the neighbor's puppy.moreless
    • Nice Package
      Nice Package
      Episode 2
      On his first day at True Vinyl, Tom promises to get Zoe, a famous singer he once represented, to play at a benefit concert, but her music label will not let her even though she wants to, and negotiations take a sharp turn when Tom accidentally prompts her to quit. Meanwhile, Mike and Karen look for a nanny for their child and Mike finds a problem with Karen's perfect nanny - she's too beautiful. Shooter dates a temp who turns out to be more than he can handle.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Tom Farrell, a music executive, looks for love in the big apple. In the process of signing a very talented young singer, Wayne, Tom is fired from his record company so attempts to start his own. Meanwhile, Tom's girlfriend pressures him to get married to her.