Love Monkey

Tuesday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Apr 11, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • A decent show.

    Having seen the pilot tonight, me and my wife have added another show to our TiVo list. Love Monkey is about a mid-30s major label A&R rep who is at a crossroads in his life. Without spoiling the plot of the pilot... basically, it involves the lives of main character/narrator, Tom Farrell (Tom Cavanaugh), his sister and his best friends, male and female. Clever uses of flashbacks are used sporadically throughout the show, but not overused. The music is great and REAL, not pseudo-represented by cover bands imitating well-known artists/songs as is usually the case with most TV shows for some reason.

    The outdoor city filming locations used are actually in New York, not a set or stock footage - kudos for that. Also, some interiors are real locations (not sets) as well. The show's title, which primarily refers to the main character, is somewhat revealed or explained in the pilot. Some of the plot is predictable, albeit there are a few subplot twists, but yet it is still an enjoyable show, nonetheless. It (pilot episode) revealed many different stories that will develop along the way and hinted at a few others - due to its setting and cast of supporting characters, there is much promise for good future writing.

    "Love Monkey" is just a nice, feel-good TV show with a just a bit of sex, some love, friendship and a whole lotta great music. Highly recommend for adults, young and old.