Love Monkey

Season 1 Episode 4

The One Who Got Away

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2006 on VH1
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The One Who Got Away
Tom must represent Kira, his ex-girlfriend, and her band and promises them a spot on the Tonight Show, but gets in over his head when both realize they still have feelings for each other. Shooter and his father square off over the same woman, Jake comes to grips with his past, and Mike gets wildly jealous when Karen reveals the name of an old boyfriend.moreless

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  • Tom has to get a band on Letterman...great episode.

    Wow, a lot happened this episode. Although most subplots were very small they did have a good feeling; Jake coming-out to his ex-fiancée was a really good scene. Anyhow, so Tom had to get some band on Letterman. The whole storyline involving this was light and funny (especially the "she's not in"-scene). Ok, Kyra, they had a relationship in the past, she left him (or he left her, who knows really?), and now they have sex again.

    The thing this show has is that it has a fast pace, yet it can keep up with it's subplots while having a good episode plot. A lot of shows nowadays fail in doing that, so kudos to Michael Rauch. Anyway, good episode and I'm looking forward to next week's episode.moreless
Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg

Nathan Kitt

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Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann


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Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman

Kira Dungen

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Erik Jensen

Erik Jensen


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Ben Shenkman

Ben Shenkman


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Aimee is talking on the phone with Tom and walking down the stairs, the scene cuts to Tom and then back to Aimee, but the same shot of Aimee walking down the stairs is played.

    • During this episode, Tom is trying to get Gladwell to perform at the David Letterman show. Every person whose door he knocks on, tells him "well, you know Dave". That's an inside joke, because Tom (not Farrel, but Cavanagh) actually knows Dave. Letterman produced Tom's previous show, Ed.

    • This is the first episode in which the character Wayne (Teddy Geiger) is not featured.

    • Malin Akerman, who plays Kira in this episode, is actually the lead singer of the Petalstones (formerly known as Ozono).

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Tom: What am I so afraid of? You mean, besides sharks? Besides piranahs? Leviathans, in general? Moody people? Scientists? Poets? People who say tuh-mah-to? Wolves? Elves?

    • Tom: Hey, sorry, did you say you were going to break my body and my spirit?
      Carol: Oh no, not me. I have people who do that.
      Tom: Of course you do.

    • [Jeff has found out about Tom and Kira]
      Jeff: Two guys go out to sea. One guy\\\'s got everything - he\\\'s got a life jacket, got good paddles, flippers, everything. The other guy\\\'s got nothing. Storm comes up. Which guy would you rather be?
      Tom: I\\\'d rather not be out at sea.
      Jeff: Well, apparently that\\\'s not an option anymore.

    • Bran: I think you\\\'re over-analyzing. It\\\'s causing problems with your syntax.

    • Jake: C\\\'mon, everyone\\\'s got a one who got away.
      Mike: Yeah, who\\\'s yours?
      Jake: Mary D. Johnson.
      Shooter: Jake? A woman?

    • Tom: Hey, Carol!
      Carol: Tom Farrell.
      Tom: Hey, what do you get when you listen to country music backwards?
      Carol: I don\\\'t know, Tom, what do you get?
      Tom: You get your dog, your wife, and your truck back. [laughs hysterically] Not necessarily in that order?
      Carol: That was a joke, right?
      Tom: Yeah, that\\\'s a joke.
      Carol: Tom, it\\\'s been a long day . . .

    • Mike: This is the man who almost married my wife! He could have been me! How could I not wish unhappiness and misery and pestilence upon his crops?
      Tom: Mike, let it go. Trust me.

    • Tom: I broke the rules.
      Julia: Had you figured for a rule breaker the first time I saw you.
      Tom: Did you now?
      Julia: And just so you know, I'm a rule breaker too.

    • Bran: Am I a woman?
      All: Yes.
      Bran: Am I dead?
      All: Yes.
      Bran: Am I beautiful?
      Tom: No fair using the game to fish for compliments.

    • Kira: The moment I saw you at True Vinyl, my first thought was-
      Tom: I know.
      Kira: "Wow, he's really let himself go."
      Tom: Yeah . . . what?

    • Julia: When a band works, Tom, you leave them alone. Those are the rules.
      Tom: I know those are the rules, I know that.
      Julia: Just as long as you know.

    • Julia: [about Tom] What's he so chipper about?
      Jeff: Tom booked the Letterman gig. The band's ecstatic.
      Julia: [sees Tristan, scowling] Does Tristan look ecstatic to you?
      Jeff: He's a musician.

    • Kira: This conversation is so totally going in circles.
      Tom: You're right, it's silly, it doesn't matter who dumped who, whether you dumped me or I dumped you. [pause] You dumped me.
      Kira: You dumped me!
      Tom: You dumped me.
      Kira: You so dumped me!
      Tom: You so dumped me.

    • [During game of Guess Who I Am]
      Tom: Are you pregnant?
      Karen: Yes, am I pregnant?
      Mike: Of course you're pregnant, honey, I knocked you up eight months ago!

    • Mr. Cooper: [to Shooter] I'd never mix business with pleasure. One of these days you're gonna get your head out of your pants, boy. And when you do . . . I look forward to that day.

    • Rosie Parker: So how does this work? Dad's the iron fist and you're the velvet glove?
      Shooter: You got the velvet part right.

    • Tom: [flashback about Tristan] Kira's ex-boyfriend, Tristan. The band's guitarist and principle song writer. Now Tristan knows we dated but that's all he knows. Tristan is not the kind of guy you want to upset. [Tristan headbuts a man dancing close to Kira, throws him off the stage, leaps off the stage and tackles him] He's . . . tense.

    • Tom: [in head, about Kira] I spent the last five years wondering what I'd say to her if I saw her again.
      Tom: [to Kira] How ya doin'?

    • Bran: She's single, right?
      Tom: She was single the last time I checked.
      Bran: And when was that?
      Tom: This afternoon.
      Bran: And were you both naked when you checked?

    • Tristan: Oh, right, you're taking her side now?
      Tom: I'm not taking sides here, just trying to do what's right for the band.
      Tristan: You wanna know what's best for the band? It's for you to stay out of Kira's pants!

    • [Scott and Bran have been talking in the office]
      Jake: You two keep talking so close, people will figure it out.
      Bran: No one thinks I'm dumb enough to be sleeping with my boss.
      Jake: But you are sleeping with your boss.
      Bran: That's the beauty of it.

    • Kira: I came to ask you out for a drink.
      Tom: I'm your A&R rep, Kira.
      Kira: And I think I'm still in love with you, Tom.
      Tom: Let's get that drink.

    • Sandy: [at receptionist desk] Tom Farrell is here to see you.
      Carol: [from inside office] Not in!
      Sandy: Not in.
      Tom: What do you mean, that's her voice, of course she's in.
      Sandy: I'm sorry shes not in.
      Tom: But that was her voice so she's in.
      Sandy: She's not in.
      Tom: She's in.
      Sandy: She's not in.
      om: She's totally in!
      Sandy: She's not in.
      Tom: She's so in.
      Sandy: Do you want me to have her call you when she gets back?

  • NOTES (7)


    • Tom: Lead singer gets lead poisoning, private jet has mechanical problems, drummers spontaneously combust . . .
      Carol: Isn't gonna happen now! And please don't go Spinal Tap on me.

      Reference to the movie Spinal Tap which documents the behind the scenes life of a fictional rock band, including the ill fate of the band's drummers.

    • Aimee: Franz Ferdinand cancelled and they're scrambling to find a replacement.

      Franz Ferdinand are a Scottish band from Glasgow named after an Archduke of Austria, renowned for their 2004 hit "Take Me Out" and the followup track "Do You Want To."

    • While Tom and his friends are playing a game where they have to guess what famous person they are (from a card on their head), Shooter is Attila the Hun.

      Attila the Hun was the final and most powerful king of the Huns. He reigned over what was then Europe's largest empire, from 434 until his death.

    • Mike Googles Carol's ex-boyfriend, Brad Langmo.

      Google is one of the internets most used search engines.