Love Monkey

Season 1 Episode 5

The Window

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on VH1
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The Window
Tom has a small window of opportunity to promote the Barbarian Brother's latest album and a review from Abby Powell could take the band to the next level. However, as the band's rock star lifestyle spins out of the control and Abby makes her feelings for Tom known, Tom must find a way not sabotage both his career and love life. Meanwhile, Bran's relationship with Scott progresses until a pregnancy scare threatens to derail it.moreless

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  • A lot of character development.

    This episode was - as usually with Love Monkey - great. But there was some stuff in particular that I loved about this episode best; every character got a story as subplot, Shooter with his bar , Jake and Clete (I think that's the correct spelling) (his boyfriend), Mike & Karen with the massage thing & Bran with her pregnancy. Although, 3 of these stories ended badly (well temporary anyway) they were still very good and that's why this episode was great with character development. Meanwhile, the Barbarian Brothers-plot was funny, light and I loved the ending although I really wanna know which song it was they played in the end of the episode. Anyway, this episode certainly deserves a 10.moreless

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    • Tom: So, uh, Glenn. What's the problem?
      Glenn: The simulcast is gonna go out to millions of people.
      Tom: And the problem?
      Glenn: The simulcast is gonna go out to millions of people.

    • Mike: Yeah, the truth would go over really well with my wife. Hey Karen, honey, I'm gonna pass on the massage, on account of the wood.
      Tom, Jake and Shooter: (simultaneously) Stop saying wood!

    • Mike: I can't get a massage without getting...
      Tom: Relaxed.
      Jake: Sleepy?
      Shooter: A number.
      Mike: Wood.
      (all recoil)
      Tom: Wood? What are you, twelve?
      Mike: And then all I worry about is getting...
      Tom: Relaxed.
      Jake: Sleepy.
      Shooter: Laid.

    • Abby: Nice place.
      Tom: Thanks.
      Abby: You use a vacuum or a shovel?
      Tom: Thanks.
      Abby: I'm sorry.
      Tom: That's alright.
      Abby: I'm sorry your place is such a mess.
      Tom: You're a laugh riot, ain't ya?

    • Tom: You're not here to talk business?
      Abby: That's right.
      Tom: What are you here for?
      Abby: Good food. Good wine.
      Tom: Good company?
      Abby: We'll see.

    • Tom: Everyone does it. Fifty, Green Day, Eric Clapton. They all do it.
      Glenn: Eric who?
      Kyle: (to Tom) Sorry. (to Glenn) Eric from the Beatles?
      Glenn: Oh...

    • Kyle: We made our first album in our basement. Released it on the internet by ourselves. We never had to play live before. It's not our thing.
      Tom: I thought you said blowing the roof off was your thing.
      Kyle: Of our basement. We blew the roof off our basement.
      Glenn: In Idaho.
      Kyle: Yeah.

    • Tom: (voiceover) With the Barbarian Brothers burning bridges all over town, it was time to go with the personal approach. Make amends, grovel, genuflect, and generally pucker up.

    • Bran: The Barbarian brothers... I think I had sex to their last album a couple times. (long pause) Was that....
      Tom: I think that might've been an...
      Bran: overshare?
      Tom: ...overshare.

    • Tom: (voice over) Behold the Barbarian Brothers' sophomore effort, "Hello, Nurse". I fought them on that title.
      Glenn: Pornstar.
      Kyle: Nurse.
      Glenn: Pornstar!
      Kyle: Nurse!
      Glenn: Pornstar nurse!
      Kyle: Hey...
      Glenn and Kyle: (simultaneously) Yeahhh.

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    • Blink 182
      The name and cover of the Barbarian Brothers' album, "Hello Nurse" (as well as their debate over the title), is an allusion to the band Blink 182's album "Enema Of The State", which depicts porn star Janine Lindemulder as a nurse on its cover.