Love My Way

Monday 8:30 PM on A&E Premiered Nov 22, 2004 In Season


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  • A good Australian show, now that hasn't happened since Blue Heelers.

    I Don't really watch too many Australian shows since all we seem to be able to come up with is a load of crap or reality. I mean the only Aussie shows I ever really watch are Underbelly and LMW.

    Which is why I will be so disappointed they go ahead with not making a season 4! I mean Love My Way is simply the best TV drama we have ever produced out of this country. It's a big call, I know - But you know what, Love My Way really is an unrelentingly dramatic, touching, funny, real television drama.

    I especially love how It deals with the randomness of life and the ruts that we all have to deal with. And the writers did some real miracle work giving a follow up to the first season. It was just so off center, so dramatic - But thankfully the producers continued with their beautifully written look at life.

    One word - Love it! :lol:
  • Brilliant acting and amazingly written scripts

    This is the best series since Six Feet Under. Truly captures the dysfunction of family and the real life struggles of the modern world.

    Honest portrayal of people, flawed and fabulous, as we all are. Each actor is so good at the emotionally raw moments, really drawing you in to their pain or joy as the case may be.

    It was also terrific to see the character change and evolve through each of the 3 seasons. Nice to see new scenarios and characters added.

    I've heard that Season 3 will be the last, but personally I hope they do another season, assuming the writing stays as good. One of the best series to ever come out of Australia.
  • An exploration of the love that binds us, the relationships that define us and the dreams of grown ups. It follows the life of Frankie-a single mum, who is an artist, dealing with her daughters father and his new life.

    Love, Life and everything in between. All the characters have had so much happen to them before you are introduced to them, that you are along for the ride while it all pans out.
    I\'m Australian, and was never a fan of Aussie drama- and for some reason, in the first 10mins of this show i was taken.
    The characters are so real and the actors are very true to them. I\'m glad i tuned in for this show, and i know you would be too.
  • This is a show about the reality and subtlety of life for a handful of 30-something year olds living in Sydney.

    People all experience angst, beauty, love, boredom, pain, laughter and loneliness. This is a series about all that stuff. It is supurbly written, directed and acted.

    Love My Way takes its time, but effortlessly seduces viewers into being addicted to heart-wrenchingly wonderful stories about a group of flawed and fabulous people.

    Claudia Karvan, one of our most esteemed Aussie actors, takes the lead and also serves as Executive Producer for this series.

    Originally made for cable television, it has won dozens of well deserved awards and has a cult following. It's now a hot property for hire at all the local DVD and video stores.
  • Just brilliant!

    In two seasons "Love My Way" has gone from strength to strength and has left me wanting so much more. I've never been so impressed by, and frankly proud of, an Australian production before. This is beyond world-class standards.

    The writing is absolutely fantastic, to the point I sometimes feel like a peeping Tom, guilty that I'm intruding on these lives. The acting is sublime (even managing to find the rarest of rare things - talented Australian child actors) and the characters are so true, not always likeable, but true. The wait for Season 3 will be a long one but well worth it, I'm sure.
  • Character development is wonderful, writing and acting is briliant, deals with tough subject matter, emotional, not afraid to be sensitive. Doesn't try to solve all life's problems, because frankly, sometimes we have to ride through them. Doesn't try to p

    I watched the first season in Sydney, can\'t wait for the second. As with Secret Life of Us, Claudia Karvan is superb. The writing is brilliant, honest and raw, something lacking here in the US. I wish more Aussie series were showed in the US....Always Greener, Marking Time, The Alice, and how about Sea Change? This is real human drama the way it needs to be portrayed.
  • Love My Way is one of the finest dramas I have ever seen on tv. It tackles the major issues of life: love, spirituality, pain and laughter with more honesty and grit than maybe anything I've ever seen produced in the US

    What a surprise to be traveling Down Under and discovering this show. I also watched the whole of season 1 on DVD in a few days. I am excited to see that it's on A&E in the states and look forward one way or the other to season 2. This show deals with the core issues of life with more honesty and grit than any show I have ever seen produced in the US. The cast is superb, as is the writing and acting. The unexpected major event toward the end of season 1 gripped me as powerfully as if the whole thing was happening to me. The lead actress Claudia Karvan is co-producer and I suspect that much of the direction and tone of the show have to do with her input. I would love to see much more of her and all the cast in more productions. I love ALL the cast. Hollywood, take note!
    Oz has nothing to be ashamed of in regard to this show..
  • love my way, this is happy, sad and overall the best tv series I have watched, i couldn't wait to hire the next episodes, i watched them all in 2 days and loved every minute of them, I can't wait until season 2 is on dvd.

    Season 1 (love my way), this is overall the best tv series I have watched, i couldn't wait to hire the next episodes, i watched them all in 2 days and loved every minute of them, it was funny and sad, I can't wait until season 2 is on dvd.