Love My Way

Monday 8:30 PM on A&E Premiered Nov 22, 2004 In Season


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  • This is a show about the reality and subtlety of life for a handful of 30-something year olds living in Sydney.

    People all experience angst, beauty, love, boredom, pain, laughter and loneliness. This is a series about all that stuff. It is supurbly written, directed and acted.

    Love My Way takes its time, but effortlessly seduces viewers into being addicted to heart-wrenchingly wonderful stories about a group of flawed and fabulous people.

    Claudia Karvan, one of our most esteemed Aussie actors, takes the lead and also serves as Executive Producer for this series.

    Originally made for cable television, it has won dozens of well deserved awards and has a cult following. It's now a hot property for hire at all the local DVD and video stores.