Love My Way

Monday 8:30 PM on A&E Premiered Nov 22, 2004 In Season


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  • A good Australian show, now that hasn't happened since Blue Heelers.

    I Don't really watch too many Australian shows since all we seem to be able to come up with is a load of crap or reality. I mean the only Aussie shows I ever really watch are Underbelly and LMW.

    Which is why I will be so disappointed they go ahead with not making a season 4! I mean Love My Way is simply the best TV drama we have ever produced out of this country. It's a big call, I know - But you know what, Love My Way really is an unrelentingly dramatic, touching, funny, real television drama.

    I especially love how It deals with the randomness of life and the ruts that we all have to deal with. And the writers did some real miracle work giving a follow up to the first season. It was just so off center, so dramatic - But thankfully the producers continued with their beautifully written look at life.

    One word - Love it! :lol:
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