Love My Way - Season 2

Monday 8:30 PM on A&E Premiered Nov 22, 2004 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • You're Almost There
    You're Almost There
    Episode 12
    Charlie and Julia embark on their new life together. Tom and Katie rediscover what holds them together and fight for a second chance. Frankie and Lewis discover they are pregnant and Frankie deals with the mixed emotions of impending motherhood and memories of Lou. Dylan struggles to find his place in the world and finds himself in trouble at home and at school. Season Finale.moreless
  • Five Minutes of Fame
    Frankie, Lewis and Dylan are roped into helping Clive achieve his last wish. Tom is still chasing Kate but she stuns him with an emotional revelation.
  • One Big Happy
    One Big Happy
    Episode 10
    Frankie is furious when she finds Dylan and his friends conducting a seance to conjure Lou's spirit. Tom sets out to complete the tasks Katie set for him but things get complicated when Katie finds she is pregnant and refuses to tell Tom. Di and Clive arrive home from the U.S. and Clive, on his death bed, is taken straight to the hospital.moreless
  • Amphibians
    Episode 9
    Lewis's 15-year-old son, Dylan comes to stay with Frank and Lewis. His presence disturbs Frank who loses precious photographs of Lou due to Dylan's carelessness. Brenda brings a depressed Julia back to her house and Charlie and Julia end up in bed together.
  • Crossing the Line
    Crossing the Line
    Episode 8
    Having both sons living back home is proving too stressful for Gerry who begins to crack under the pressure. Julia's relationship continues to spin out of control and she finds herself looking for a new home after her parents evict her in response to her letter. As he watches Frankie and Lewis blissfully happy in their new life, Tom (still living with his parents) seeks revenge for the emotional turmoil Frankie has caused him.moreless
  • Tower of Love
    Tower of Love
    Episode 7
    Frankie is taken by surprise when she finds that she has discovered love again. Meanwhile, Frankie and Lewis's friends are taken by surprise when they are invited to an impromptu wedding reception. Tom attempts to reconnect with Kate. Charlie reminisces about Lou's birth when he is unexpectedly called upon to take his pregnant client to the hospital.moreless
  • I Know You
    I Know You
    Episode 6
    Tom is torn between his new love Katie and his old flame, Frankie. Suspecting he is being unfaithful, Katie confronts Tom who lies about his affair with Frank. Charlie once again fails in his attempts to win Julia back and seeks comfort with a client.
  • Old Wounds
    Old Wounds
    Episode 5
    Charlie questions his place in the family when Tom and Gerry embark on a vodka-fuelled father-son night out.
  • No Immunity
    No Immunity
    Episode 4
    Katie moves out, claiming she can´t live in the same house as Frankie. Tom tries to convince her to stay, but without luck. Frankie manages to loose Toby while she baby sits, making her release she might want another child. Charlie wants Julia back, but she refuses, saying he only wants her because she´s seeing someone else.moreless
  • When Wanting Works
    When Wanting Works
    Episode 3
    Tom is causing tension for Frankie at home. Frankie starts art school. As her new relationship intensifies, Julia finds herself turning to Charlie following a surprise humiliation.
  • The Christmas Thing
    Charlie finds a new and unexpected lease on life after a confrontation with an intruder. Julia finds herself in hot water after she is caught shoplifting. Frankie hosts Christmas lunch, an emotional day that brings memories of Lou close to the surface for all involved.
  • More To Tell
    More To Tell
    Episode 1
    The second series picks up eight months after the first series left off as Frankie returns home from an overseas trip to find the lives of those around her dramatically altered. Charlie and Julia have separated, Tom has moved in with his new love and Di is living in her art studio.moreless
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