Love of Life

CBS (ended 1980)


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  • Classic soap shouldn't be forgotten

    I am amazed that this show which ran nearly thirty years (three whole decades!) is rarely ever given a mention anywhere. Even when fans remember the cancelled soaps, this serial is omitted in their reminiscences for the most part. I was almost 12 when the show got cancelled, & often in school, besides which, this was when people were just starting to get cable TV, & Love Of Life aired on Channel 2 (WCBS) out of New York, & we didn't have cable back then, we were close to getting it, but alas the soap was taken off the air at that juncture, so I didn't get the opportunity to get involved in the plots & become aquainted with the characters. I believe because some CBS affiliates didn't broadcast the show & the fact that it was shown at Noon (against the News) was a nail in it's coffin. For example, both Ryan's Hope & Sunset Beach were cancelled after a brief run in that time slot. LOL deserved better & should still be running today.

    Love of Life was the very first soap opera I remember going off Television, I watched the final episode (luckily) & recall Betsy on the witness stand & her fainting (very little else). I'm almost certain that was when the show faded out to it's final commercials before the ending credits & of that being the last scene.

    I used to see Birgitta Tolksdorf (Arlene) in Soap Opera Digest fairly frequently back in the 1970's & thought how beautiful she was. Also, Christopher Reeve got his start in this program, as did many other actors of today... Tony LoBianco, Dana Delany, Ray Wise & the list goes on.

    Sadly, this is one of the soaps that seems all but forgotten.
    I will treasure the bits I knew & recall about Love Of Life & hope there are others who rigidly followed this show who feel as I do & have fond recollections of the denizens of Rosehill as I do. Interestingly enough, in the Christian Soap Opera Another Life, one of the characters was institutionalized at a sanitarium called *Rosehill*. Clearly in honor of LOL, as Roy Windsor was this show's creator as well.

    I implore all LOL fans to go over to, register (it's free) & cast your vote towards getting this show released. I've already voted, so let's all pull together. Afterall, many hands make life work, as much a cliche as that sounds, it happens to be true!