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Love, Sidney

NBC (ended 1983)



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Love, Sidney Fan Reviews (2)

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  • I like this show from what I can remember

    I was only 4 when this show was out, but I remember the episode were they had the fire. I think most shows had a fire during fire prevention week, to show the dangers and all that good stuff. I remember that girl too, and of course Tony Randall. He is good in everything that he is in it seems like. I'm not sure how long the show ran but it was good from what I remember. I have to write 100 words minimum for some reason, so I'm going to keep typing until I hit that word count. I thought it used to be 50 words. Now look my word count is already at 116.
  • Liked it then, not so much now

    I remember watching this show as a teenager and I remember that I really liked it. Recently, TV Land showed an episode of it and I didn't like it at all. The episode I saw just wasn't funny. But I really liked the cast. I don't remember any episodes in particular but maybe the one that was shown recently was just a bad one. Tony Randall and Swoosie Kurtz were good together and her daughter was so cute! I wonder whatever happened to that kid.
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