Love Street

Showtime (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Seven Fifteen (7:15)
      Bored couple has a rendezvous
    • Made for Each Other
      Don and Felicia plays matchmaker for singles Phoebe and Ed with some amusing results.
    • I Dream of Angels Crying
      A woman uses an affair to get her husband back
    • Galatea's Wish
      Galatea's Wish
      Episode 11
      A sculptor attempts to combine the best parts of all the women he has known seeking to create the mythical Galatea, the sculpture of a beautiful woman who was given life by Aphrodite at the request of her sculptor.
    • Freudian Slip
      Freudian Slip
      Episode 10
      A psychiatrist has a fateful affair with a patient who suffers from multiple personality disorder.
    • The Affair
      The Affair
      Episode 9
      A woman mulls marrying her childhood sweetheart
    • Truth of the Heart
      When a fugitive terrorist breaks into their home and holds hostage a doctor and his wife his presence sparks a confrontation that liberates the wife from her jealous possessive husband.
    • Second Chance
      Second Chance
      Episode 7
      Mark Barns is a rock and roll legend who hasn't written anything new since the death of his muse five years ago. Facing a deadline to produce something or lose his record contract, he gains inspiration from the sound of another guitar drifting into his apartment from the Los Angeles night.moreless
    • Radio
      Episode 6
      Jessie takes the story of his sexual frustration to a talk radio sex advice show but until he has to takes the show on the road to solve his problem.
    • Grading on a Curve
      At his five year high school reunion the class Romeo introduces his wife to the math teacher who he had an affair with during his senior year.
    • To Kill For
      To Kill For
      Episode 4
      A bank robbery gone wrong leads a desperate man to the doorstep of a woman with a terrible secret and a suicidal desire.
    • The Last Escape
      The Last Escape
      Episode 3
      In a film noir setting an aspiring actress accepts comfort from a bellboy following a failed audition.
    • The Racers Edge
      The Racers Edge
      Episode 2
      Coming soon
    • Much Madness
      Much Madness
      Episode 1
      A despondent man and fugitive woman meet by chance at a lakeside cottage, unite in passion and are torn apart the next day.
  • Season 1