Love Street

Season 2 Episode 7

Second Chance

Aired Unknown Unknown on Showtime

Episode Recap

Mark wakes from a dream that epitomizes his personal nightmare. He was making love to Laura, the love of his life, but when he tries to play his guitar for her he is unable to strum a simple cord. He was wakened by a telephone call from his agent, Barry.

Mark goes to Barry's office and demands that his agent negotiate an extension of his deadline for producing a new album. It is apparent that his creativity is blocked. Barry mentions "the Laura tapes" but Mark refuses to consider revisiting his previous work. Mark goes home and begins recording. He finishes the first tape, labels it, returns it to it's box and carelessly places it in the nearby wastebasket.

That evening still frustrated Mark hears the sound of another guitar permeating the night air. Inspired he begins to play in response. For the first time in five years he feels the creative juices begin to flow. The next morning Mark leaves his apartment seeking the source of that inspirational sound.

He follows the sound to a nearby house. He stands unnoticed in the doorway watching a young woman play. He is interrupted by the arrival a man who turns out to be the woman's boyfriend and he hides out of sight. The two argue then make up in an intimate manner typical of young couples. Demonic attempts to leave but he is spotted and the couple chase after him. When they catch up to Mark both recognize him and the woman, Tara, tells Morgan to leave. Morgan accuses her of being a groupie and storms away.

Mark and Tara drive to his house. Tara admires his home, the trophies and posters of his past life. Mark asks about the tune Tara was playing telling her he would like to work on it with her. Tara however isn't interested telling him she can't remember what she played. Disappointed Mark begins playing his guitar while Tara continues prowling around looking at and touching his things. She picks up a bottle of wine and invites him to join her in a drink. Mark declines but she insists finally convincing him to join her in finishing the bottle of wine with a promise to show him "note for note" the song she was playing last night. Mark agrees and eventually he and Tara are mellowed out and listening to music from Mark's stereo.

He reminds her that she hasn't shown him the tune but says it sound familiar. It should be she says I was imitating you. She asks why he doesn't write anything good anymore and he tells her about his lost love Laura who died five years earlier in that very house. She died from an overdose, mixing drugs and alcohol, he tells her how he had played for hours while she slept and then fell asleep. He woke up she didn't. Tara is unsympathetic and Mark becomes angry and tells her to leave. They argue and then begin tearing off each other's clothes. It doesn't hurt that Tara is so resembles Laura and their coupling brings out Mark's urge to create. He plays while Tara sleeps.

The next morning Mark wakes up alone. Barry has come for Mark's demos. He is excited that Mark has broken through. Mark goes to Tara's house but finds it vacant. Sadly he goes to Barry's office and tells him not to play the demo. He feels it is derived from another person's work.

Mark confesses that he had found Tara recognize her resemblance to Laura, set her up in the house near Barry's and given he the Laura tapes to study. Mark is crestfallen but his mood brightens when Tara enters and apologizes for lying to him. Mark asks her point blank if Barry had paid he to sleep with him and she tells him no, that was real. Barry reenters breaking up Tara and Mark so he can get Mark together with the record executives but Mark tells him they are going home to make some more music together.
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