Love Thy Neighbor

Wednesday 9:00 PM on OWN Premiered May 29, 2013 In Season


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  • For Those Who Like This Show Please Tell Me Why

    As an aspiring African American tv writer I watch shows that are out there to see what works and what doesn't. I have to say I am SHOCKED that this show made it past one episode and that it's on Oprah's network. I cringed when I watched, the characters are 1 dimensional and unbelievable. The acting isn't the best but I'm not sure if that's the script or the actors. The storyline has potential but the over the top reactions and trite humor combined with the laugh tracks make it unbearable to watch. I would truly like to know who likes this show and why. I feel I could write this kind of "buffoonery" in my sleep but I thought we were a more sophisticated viewing audience these days. Am I wrong?