Love Thy Neighbour (1976)

Season 1 Episode 3

The Petition

Aired Unknown Apr 27, 1972 on ITV

Episode Recap

Bill catches Eddie ogling Barbie sunbaking in their backyard. Bill warns him off, so Eddie decides to get a petition signed to have the Reynolds removed from the neighbourhood.

When he returns with only two signatures, Eddie tells Joan their moving. Mr Wilson the estate agent has given Eddie a good price for the house until he discovers coloured people live next door & adjusts his price down.

Eddie decides if he can't go, he'll drive Bill away. He plays loud music, burns of rubbish when Barbie's wash is on the line etc. but it backfires on him & Eddie's other neighbour Mr Baxter comes over to sort Eddie out.!

Bill comes to Eddie's rescue by taking the blame & Mr Baxter leaves. Joan makes Eddie apologise to Bill,which he does reluctantly but then Mr Baxter arrives with a petition. Eddie defends Bill & says he won't sign it.Mr Baxter says it's not to get rid of him,it's to get rid of you.!