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BBC (ended 1994)

Even better the second time around!

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    [1]Mar 15, 2007
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    I remember watching this with my parents and thinking it was quite good - I was the right age for Phillip Schofield and Gordan the Gopher then.  Started watching the series again on ITV3 and I'm hooked!  They're completely addictive.  I've even started buying antiques magazines (OCD springs to mind!)

    Yesterday was really sad - Lady Jane left.  In today's episode a new girl moved in on Lovejoy, but i don't like her as much as Janie.  Time will tell!

    Ian McShane was fantastic as Lovejoy, I'm surprised he didn't do loads more than he has.

    Hope others have enjoyed this series as much as I have.

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    ITV 3 have now started to show Lovejoy for the third time.

    Episode 1 last night  20/03/2007 - They start at around 6.45pm.

    Trouble is it clashes with the soaps.

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