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    I'm just finishing the Series 6 of the complete Lovejoy series...for the sixth time, once a year since 2004! I still find them funny, enjoyable and informative - you can learn about antiques - as well as enjoying the wonderful Englishness of it, all pencil grey skies and greenery. I love the fact that Lovejoy is driven by passion and appreciation for the finer things in life and not by personal gain, which is why he's always skint! All the characters are great, the stories are well put together and acted and for 75 or so shows they did, there's very little, if any, chaff. Do you think they should come back for a special show?? I was always disappointed with the ending of Series 6. Not thta he and Charlotte were made for each other, buy, hey! One of my fave episodes is Taking The Pledge in series 4...but there are so many other quality ones. I also like the name sof the some inciodental characters: Archie Duncannon, Gervaise Rackham, Ted Groat - surely THE ugliest man in the known universe!! - Dave Goodis, Gently Bently, oh, I love it and will continue to do so. Somewhere Over The Rainbow tonight, I think...

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    Yeah, that should be on Alibi and Eric was kinda cute

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    Come On BBC !


    ABSOLUTELY love it !

    Recently sent an email to Tinker and got a reply ! Was OVER the moon !

    Just love the show and have it on DVD every night to relax before bed.

    I have watched it a MILLION times.

    Many, many thanks to all for all the endless hours of sheer joy.


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