Season 1 Episode 4

Friends, Romans and Enemies

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1986 on BBC

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  • Lovejoy and the Isle of Man. Nice.

    This episode was similar to that of the book and was as ever an enjoyable romp to watch. The great accomplishment this episode achieved was how beautiful the Isle of Man was and still is.
    The episode started with Gimbert asking (in looses of terms) Lovejoy where his rent was? To me this was comical and also an insight into how the relationship between the two operates, where at one point Gimbert is pointing his shotgun straight at Lovejoy to the next scene where they are having a cup of tea together.
    After the banter between the two, the episode cuts to Lovejoy sitting on the bus and going in on infamous monologue. This rant was brilliant as he talks about the low-brow work that has be done that is often over-shadowed by the glitz and glam of the auction room, and showing the dirty and dark side of the antique trade.
    In this episode, it seems that Lovejoy is more hard-up than ever using his cunning to the max, trying desperately to stay in the race. But when the mystery of the false picture arrives this becomes his main priority simply for his curiosity, plus with the two Americans who are all smiles at first then becomes aggressive especially towards poor Dandy Jack, does it become a race. With the race taken Lovejoy to the picturesque Isle of Man, whilst leaving behind a trail of angry and wronged people, you find a countryside that is not too similar to that of East Anglia. So overall the episode was easily compelling with a mixture of beauty, humour & good old story-telling.
    My favourite moment in the episode was Lovejoy's monologue on the bus, followed closely with Gimbert's 'Where's my rent?' moment.
  • This episode was very close to the book for the most part and was quite well done. The concept of Roman coins on the Isle of Man is great.

    Lovejoy is in the middle of a puzzle, why did the man make such a great fake with such an obvious mistake. That got Lovejoy's attention, and when the more he got involved the more questions he has. When Dandy Jack gets hurt, Lovejoy get angry and decides to get the answers and get even.
    The episode has enough facts in it to get the audience interested and when Lovejoy goes to the Isle of Man to find his answers, and finds them, with the help of Eric and Lady Jane.
    The scenery is great, and the waterwheel is not a prop but the largest working waterwheel in the world.