Season 2 Episode 7

National Wealth

Aired Unknown Feb 17, 1991 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity error: When Lovejoy talks to Melanie Ford to set up the auction for Madeline Gilbert, he tells Melanie he has to keep his client's name confidential. After the burglary, Melanie tells Lovejoy "you didn't tell me this was Madeline Gilbert's house." Yet earlier, when James Ford gives Michael Le Mar an inventory for the Carlton Grange auction forwarded to him by Melanie, the insert of the document clearly shows "CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT INFO ADDRESS c/o Ms Madeline Gilbert".

  • Quotes

    • Lovejoy: (to camera) Architectural theft. In plain lingo, that's nicking anything from fireplaces to statues. This is the worst kind of stealing, taking the art and craftsmanship that's taken centuries to build up. Cultural heritage of a nation, once it's gone you can't get it back. Can you imagine? A Victorian fireplace in a Tokyo apartment, a Louis XV table in a Californian beach house. No, it just ain't the same. And these people, they tear the sinuses and the heart out of the nation. They strip it of its national wealth. What have we got left in England, if not our past?

    • Eric:Fancy a big house being on mail order. My mum does that, probably the same firm. Mind you it's likely to be a member of staff isn't it. The cook, someone like that.
      Lovejoy & Melanie: Shut up Eric!

    • Lovejoy: (to camera) He's given me the name of a Major Sullivan. Apparently he's a bit of a snot bag. Talks like he's got a mouth full of marbles, ex-SAS and hard as a rock, but shouldn't let that put me off. He's got a boat, he's on board, out near Windsor.

    • Lovejoy: How's Miriam, Eric?
      Eric: Never been better.
      Lovejoy: Think she'll get to London and back?
      Eric: London? Ah, er, maybe.

    • Lovejoy: (to camera) Some days, life takes on a whole new meaning. The green grass, the birds in the wind, the whole wondrous nature of Planet Earth become a mystic fusion, for me anyway.

    • Eric: And companies who want to survive 1992 must start making executive decisions right now.
      Tinker: You're right Eric. And my number one executive decision will be, whose turn is it to make the tea?

  • Notes

    • National Wealth was made on location in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge, Windsor, Wargrave-on-Thames, and France.

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