Season 2 Episode 9

Raise the Hispanic

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 1991 on BBC



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    • Lovejoy: (To camera) This funny day is turning into a funny night. I mean everybody has their own idea of a good night out. It's just that mine happens to be dinner with Jane Felsham and then, you know, on from there. You think it would be a hell of a lot easier than organizing this, wouldn't you? Babysitting a corpse with a soppy old greyhound, evidently not, because I'm the one sat here with a dead body and a dog and somebody has got the girl.

    • (Lovejoy opens the visor of a helmet and finds Roger dead. He closes the visor)
      Lovejoy: (to camera) It's been a very funny day. Suppose a doctor wouldn't rule out insanity. (Looking towards a dog) I mean, I've been talking to you like you understand what I've been saying. The trouble is, I think you do. Why shouldn't I? Better men than me talk to plants. Why shouldn't I talk to a dog and have him understand what I am saying? Too much booze, that's the more probable explanation. Yeah. Come on, stop messing about, Roger. (He opens the visor again to find a dead Roger still there. He screams)

    • Eric: Mr Peagram made me promise not to tell anyone about it, he threatened me, even gave me some money.
      Tinker: Money!
      Lovejoy: How much?
      Eric: That's not the point.

    • Lovejoy: (to camera) They say a dog's for life. Well, let me tell you some lives are shorter than others. This could be one of them.

    • Lovejoy: (to camera) Why is it some blokes always seem to land on their feet in honey? Take this fella Roger, the one Amanda's marrying. He walks in out of nowhere and into a dowry like this, come on. Look (points at plates) Bavarian china to eat his dinner, Sheraton to put his Bavarian china on, and Chippendale for the after dinner nap. What did I start married life with? Oh yes, I remember like it was yesterday, that wasn't too good a day, either. It was a card table, two fold-up chairs and a packet of paper napkins. Still, they say the early struggle makes you a better person. Who wants to be a better person?

    • Tinker: Well there is a problem, the dog's only worth three hundred.
      Lovejoy: Where's the other ton?
      Tinker: Andy said he put it on a bet for us at Bungay.
      Lovejoy: Oh good, you're fired!
      Tinker: But I don't work for you?
      Lovejoy: I felt like saying it, it felt good.
      (Eric arrives)
      Eric: Lovejoy.
      Lovejoy: You're fired too.
      Eric: What?

    • Tinker: Oh, good heavens, I see you got one of my favourite malts over there.
      Lovejoy: And if you don't come clean in two seconds, I'll shove it up your nose. Now where's my money?

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