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  • Quintessentially British. Can say more than that.

    'If home is where the heart is, then this is home to me'. This was the first insight that Lovejoy gave us (the audience), about who he is and what is dear to him. But this quote can also be related of how much this show is dear to me. Everything just seems to click in the show, especially in the early series, with the characters beautifully balancing each other out. But the one thing that tops everything even Lovejoy himself, is the setting, the rural countryside itself. The two cottages in the first two series were picturesque, and with those countryside's pubs, the long winding country road and Felsham Manor. You could not help but fall in love with the scenery.
    Nonetheless, the characters as well were just as brilliant. Lovejoy; a charming wily middle aged man, who being a divvy can sense the value as well as the beauty of an antique within a twenty mile radius. Along with his divvy senses comes his street-wise smarts, where he will either notices or pull off a con with ease. Tinker, his ever loyal and ever so more drunken barker, who through every episode and series, has becomes as lovable as a puppy with every drop (of liquor) we saw him. Eric, the sadly inept antique trainee, who was always trying to prove that he was just as good, as Lovejoy himself, but could who never get there, to comical effect. Most of my favourite moments in the show were when these three were together. Lady Jane Felsham, brought Lovejoy and crew into the upper class world, where antiques were far not away. Jane was the refinery that the other three did not have, with the 'will there, won't there' being played to perfection. Another character, which unfortunately was not in the whole series, was Gimbert. Gimbert was Lovejoy's nemesis, in the way that he was everything that Lovejoy wasn't; rich, wealth and had bad luck. There was no maliciousness to it, it was more brother rivalry (Like Del-Boy and Boycie in Only fools and horses) than anything else. From this rivalry was the unease friendship that they had for each other. Lastly, I will like to say that my favourite moments of the show were when the fourth wall was broken down and Lovejoy interacted with the viewers, it was nothing short of being memorizing. So Bravo Lovejoy, Bravo!