Season 1 Episode 2

The Axeman Cometh

Aired Unknown Jan 17, 1986 on BBC

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  • An episode with an angry axeman, a Jewish imposter and a determine tax collector. What more can you ask for?

    This episode was wonderful and eye opening, it was eye-opening in the sense that in the auction at Old man Catesby's farm, really honed down on the dark-side of the antique trade with the tag swapping fiasco with the old Welsh dresser. This showed the depths dealers go to get that one step ahead of the competition, and if it weren't for the charm of Lovejoy and Tinker we might actually loath their antics, but instead we enjoy it and cheer them on.
    The tax collector was a nice touch I think , as it show us that it is more than petty thugs (as shown in the previous episode) that Lovejoy is trying to avoid, as I imagine some of the taxes you would have to pay on certain purchases to be quite crippling.
    The only grumble about the episode, and is a small grumble, is that half way through the episode, Lovejoy travels to London to find a buyer for the Arab head-wear. And to me, I prefer the episode when the episode is solely based in Suffolk/ Norfolk as I believe it is just as important & influential as the characters in the show.
    My favourite moment in the episode was the auction at Old man Catesby's farm and the antics that occurred.
  • The basics of the characters were done in the first episode now it was time for them to grow. Eric is still learning, albeit very little about antiques, Tinker is out foraging for antiques and Lovejoy is chasing women.

    This episode shows how not only the antiques business works but auctions and the people who make their living at them. They will switch tags, give false impressions all for the ability to make one big score.
    I know, I have seen it happen in my business, where people have done the same things, sometimes you laugh as others have already seen the real item and will not let them get away with it but it still happens at smaller places where people do not pay as strict attention.
    I was at an auction years ago and was looking at one particular lot. My expertise was not in this field and I showed it to a good friend. I looked at all the items in my field and when this item came up for bid, I bid on it as a lark but hoped that my bidding would not attract too much attention. It did not, it was a major score. Everyone was looking for the wrong things, when the major parts were not there, they let it go, but the minor parts were beautiful and I made a huge profit selling them off.
    The coal carving and firefly cage in the book do not do a real firefly care justice. The item they showed as a coal carving if real would have been a masterpiece.
    But killing Lovejoys friend did the bad guys in as he wanted revenge not justice, he got both.