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Loveless is based off of the manga series "Loveless" written by Yun Kouga.
When Seimei is killed suddenly, twelve-year-old Aoyagi Ritsuka is left alone with his insane mother. In a strange twist of fate, Ritsuka meets a former friend of his brother, and together they investigate Seimei's death.

Aoyagi Ritsuka: The main character of the story. He was once a cheerful boy, but after mysteriously getting amesia two years ago, he became the polar opposite of his former self. He still has his ears.

Agatsuma Soubi: A mysterious man who shows up at Ritsuka's school. He claims to be a friend of Seimei. He's an expert at 'Spell Fighting'.

Aoyagi Seimei: Ritsuka's older brother. Before his death, he will often keep his mother from beating Ritsuka and protect him. But one day, Ritsuka found him dead in such a horrible way he couldn't even tell who he was. Currently, most people assume he's dead. But is that body really Seimei's?

Aoyagi Misaki: Ritsuka and Seimei's abusive mother. She constantly beats Ritsuka, claming she wants her former son to return.

Opening Theme: Tsuku no Kaasu (The Moon's Curse)by Okina Reika
Ending Theme: Michiyuki by Kaori Hikitamoreless