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Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2007)


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Lovely Complex
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Lovely Complex - Shoujo, Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life (May contain adult themes, bad language)... This is a love story between a girl and a boy; Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Ootani. Risa is extremely tall for a girl while Atsushi is fairly short for a boy. They are known as their school's comedy duo because there is a popular comedy duo that has a similar height difference.
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  • probably one of the Best Romantic Comedy you will ever watch. it's my personal favorite and i highly recommend it.

    Usually when I hear Romantic comedy I scream in my head NOOOOOO!! But I think what hooked me to Lovely Complex was the fact that is an anime as well as the fact that it has a unique couple.

    Most importantly it was hilarious and very enjoyable. It has a great structure and it and the timing for the punch lines are perfect. I usually find it majorly annoying in romantic movies, shows, etc; when I the someone cries because it is usually over something trivial and when it isn't it is just plan annoying but lovely Complex presented this scenes in a more serious but hilarious way, I mean this is the time that I found someone crying in a romantic anime funny. The lead female reaction towards the lead male's insensitivity, when she is cry is priceless.

    Overall I will recommend it to the majority due to the fact that it is well written and brilliantly presented. It's definitely a must watch and I greatly recommend it.moreless
  • A cute high school love story of the girl always chasing after her crush. Never thinking she'll ever be more than just a friend, and him only seeing her as one of the boys.moreless

    This is hands down my favorite anime ever. There is nothing like a cute love story about a girl who thinks she'll never amount to anything to her friend, but does everything possible to make him like her. I love the fact that they make her have a funny complex about herself, her height. Then her falling in love with her friend who is obviously shorter than her. Through out her high school years she learns to accept it all. It's nice to see a anime with humor, love, and lessons all wrapped into one. I'm just sad that they ended it. Season two? The college years?moreless
  • I give it two thumbs up!!

    Lovely Complex was the perfect combination of humor and love! Risa and Otani are good friends, they have everything in common. They tease and laugh with eachother. But Risa starts to develope feelings for Otani. When he finally finds out that she likes him, he doesn't know what to think. He just cant see her as more than a friend. Well, she keeps trying anyway and eventually wins him over. They are the cutest and most perfect couple! Along the way many laughs and tears are shared. I even cried a couple of times, -_- Overall I give it two thumbs way up! :D

    ... I think this would be a good one to do a sequel.. maybe the group in college ^_^moreless