Lovely Complex

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • Together Always
      Together Always
      Episode 24
      With his entire family down with the flu, the night before the entrance exams, Atsushi has no choice but to stay over at Risa’s house. Unfortunately, after a night of studying he ended up oversleeping and could be late for his exams. Once this ordeal is over Risa will also need to seriously think about her future.moreless
    • Various Directions!! Everyone Embraces Their Own Circumstances
      Atsushi feels betrayed that Risa went to the Umibouzu concert with Kazuki and breaks up with her, leaving Risa in a state of shock. What will happen to the pair, with Christmas coming up? Several days later Ryouji had some trouble with his entrance exams, which could spell disaster for him and Chiharu.moreless
    • A Catastrophic Declaration from Ootani!!
      Now that everyone is preparing for the future, Risa has decided to work part-time in a family restaurant and it is there that she finds another Umibouzu fan, Kazuki. Without spending much time together, Risa and Atsushi’s relationship may have hit a rough patch. Kazuki later invites Risa to the Umibouzu concert.moreless
    • Premonition of Separation?! Risa and Otani Walk Seperate Paths
      With the end of their high school lives looming, everyone now has to think about their futures and even Atsushi has been thinking about what he wants to do after high school. It also turns out that Nobuko is going to move, to live with her grandma, which will greatly affect her relationship with Heikichi. This has made Risa think if this were to happen between her and Atsushi.moreless
    • Declaration of War!! The dangerous Beauty Burns with Envy!!
      The relationship between Risa and Atsushi is going well, it’s going so well in fact that they are able to tell their friends about it and work on their homework together. But now a new problem is arising, as Atsushi’s neighbour Mimi has decided to interfere.
    • Sudden Downturn!! The First Date is the Beginning of Disaster
      Following Risa’s Birthday party, the relationship between her and Atsushi has taken a surprising leap forward. They then go out on their first date and a lot of unexpected things happen, also out of the blue they meet some acquaintances of theirs.
    • Best Birthday in History
      Finally the end of the semester has arrived and along comes summer vacation. However instead of going out and having fun everyday, most of the students, including Risa and her friends are stuck at school for summer classes. Although there is one thing to look forward to and that is Risa’s Birthday, so how will it turn out this year?moreless
    • The Iron Fist of Love! Catch, O Maiden Soul!!
      Things between Risa and Atsushi have gone back to the way they were, from the time they were known as the comedy duo. Has Risa truly given up on a shred of hope? Atsushi’s ankle is healed, meaning that he is in top form for the basketball tournament on the weekend.moreless
    • Maity's Magic! The Transforming Patterns of Love?!
      After being inavertedly rejected for the second time, by Atsushi, Risa feels that he has made himself clear and runs off. Maitake decides to try and help Risa in his own way, while Risa decides to devote herself more to Maitake. The outlook between Risa and Atsushi doesn’t look good, with a weird atmosphere lingering whenever they are together.moreless
    • Dangerous Man, Mighty's Sweet Temptation
      With nothing but painful experiences, Risa has finally given up on Atsushi seeing that she’s already tried her best. Now she is stepping forward towards a new love, Maitake and it doesn’t take her long to form a Maity-sensei fanclub.
    • A Killer Crush on Maity
      It is the beginning of their 3rd year and Risa is feeling down after her first kiss with Atsushi, because he doesn’t seem to remember what happened. But the arrival of the new assistant teacher Kuniumi Maitake, is able to raise Risa’s spirits and she develops a crush on him.
    • Heating Up! A First Kiss in His Room?
      After hearing learning of what was said between Atsushi and Heikichi, Risa can’t help but think of what it would be like to kiss him, with the end result always being comical. Then Atsushi surprises her with some Umibouzu concert tickets, which would be their 1st date in a while. But the day before the concert Atsushi is skipped school, because of a cold, so Risa decides to pay him a visit.moreless
    • Recapture Love! Improve as a Girl with Honmei Chocolate!!
      Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and Risa is remaining hopeful, as things between her and Atsushi seems to be on the up. She’s even thinking about giving him chocolates this year, when she runs into Seiko and Haruka. She then tells them how Atsushi rejected her confession.
    • Absolute Death! Revived Love with the Ex-Girlfriend?!
      It is New Years Eve, so Risa and her friends go to visit the shrine, for Hatsumode. So now it is the beginning of the new semester and Risa is still trying hard to pull Atsushi’s heartstrings but all may be in vain with news, of Atsushi’s ex-girlfriend breaking up with her boyfriend, gets out.moreless
    • A Confrontation With The Ex-Girlfriend?! The Epic Breast-Baring Battle!!
      The class trip is over and everything is back to normal but maybe a bit too normal, as the pair have gone back to their comedy duo ways. Risa is not going to give up on Atsushi and is hoping for a Christmas miracle. Atsushi has been invited to his middle school basketball team’s Christmas party and decides to invite everyone else along.moreless
    • Resuscitation!! Aim for Girlfriend Status!!
      It is the 1st night of the class trip and Risa heartbroken after being rejected by Atsushi, but will they be able to keep the same friendship they once had? They spend the next day at Hakodate, after hearing Umibouzu was there.
    • Comeback Impossible! Major Heartbreak!!
      It has taken a long time but Atsushi has finally realized the feelings Risa has towards him nonetheless Risa is unable to face him the next couple days. Then comes the time for the all important class trip and it seems that Atsushi and Risa will have plenty of time to spend alone together but what will Astushi’s decision be?moreless
    • Sunk! Worst Confession in History
      On her birthday, Risa managed to gather the courage to confess to Atsushi but like always Atsushi didn’t take her seriously. It is now time for the school’s festival and Risa is still upset about it and what makes it worse is that Atsushi doesn’t even know the reason why.
    • A Maiden's Determination! Love-Love Confession Plan!!
      It is summer vacation and the gang have on to spend the day at the beach, giving Risa a chance to confess to Atsushi. With all her friends’ support, will Risa be able to confess to the hopelessly, dense Atsushi?
    • Send Forbidden Love Flying!
      Following the confession of the previous day, between Atsushi and Seiko, Seiko’s confession has completely gone straight to his head. This has left Risa feeling uneasy and annoyed about the whole thing. Although things may not continue like this for long, as Astushi has yet to learn the shocking truth about Seiko.moreless
    • Kiss! I've Fallen For You!
      It is spring and whilst walking through the park with Risa, Atsushi spots a damsel in distress and without much effort he helps her. It is then the start of a new school year and a lot of club related things are going on. It turns out that the same girl Atsushi saved, is now a 1st year at their school and she has fallen for him.moreless
    • A Guy You Like, or a Guy from the Past?
      On Christmas day, Atsushi and Risa are on their home from the concert, when unexpectedly, Risa runs into her childhood friend Haruka. Then comes New Years’ and the gang go out to pray at the shrine, when unexpectedly, Atsushi meets his ex, who has something she wants to say. Then all of a sudden, Valentines Day is around the corner.moreless
    • The Ex-Girlfriend Love Triangle?!
      Atsushi and Risa have both challenged each other to contest on, who can find girlfriend/boyfriend first. However their friends keep on pestering them, telling them to try going out with each other and they are then given tickets to a concert on Christmas. It seems that neither of them will be getting someone, but that is until Atsushi meets his ex-girlfriend.moreless
    • Freshman Year Summer! I'll Definitely Find a Boyfriend!
      It’s the last day of school, before summer vacation and Risa Koizumi got in trouble for sleeping through the graduation assembly and now has to attend summer classes. Not only is that but the guy she’s always fighting with, Atsushi Ootani is also attending those classes. Yet there still may be light at the end of the tunnel, as she experiences love at first sight. Atsushi offers to help set her up with Ryouji Suzuki but in return, he would like her help to set him up with one of her friends.moreless