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  • Bring this back Lifetime TV -- NOW!!!!

    I didn't realize how much I missed this fantastic show until I purchased the 1st season on iTunes and re-watched all the episodes in just 2 nights' sittings. "Lovespring International" is one of those classic shows like "Seinfeld," or "The Office," or "Reno 911!" that you may not really like or even "get" if you just watch one or 2 episodes in isolation. Instead, you have to really get into the rhythm of the show over several episodes, understand the habitual and hysterical quirks of its characters, and appreciate how much care and work the actors of this sitcom put into their roles. Much of the show, like "Reno 911!," is semi-improvised--even though the cast may have been given a basic outline script for each story, many of the individual lines and actions of the characters are solely due to the skills of the actors portraying them. If you're a fan of "Reno 911!" on Comedy Central (another semi-improvised sitcom) than you'll even notice that the shows have not just a sense of humor in common, but even some of the same actors and writers. Add to that formidable creative talent the undeniable greatness of actress Jane Lynch (perhaps best known for her parts in Christopher Guest movies like "Best in Show" and other blockbuster roles such as in "The 40 year Old Virgin") in the lead role and the producing talents of a certain male star of "Will & Grace," and you have a show full of rich possibilities, seemingly destined for success.

    Alas, it seems viewers and the network that carried the show, Lifetime TV, haven't given this comedy the chance it deserves. As much as I love my Golden Girls and Frasier reruns, Lifetime TV, I beg you to rerun this show, to give it more chances to hook viewers. The network only aired each episode twice, maybe three times at the very most, and has completely removed it from its roster since the end of last year. For you, the viewers, I sincerely hope that if Lifetime gives the show another viewing or 2 that you really give "Lovespring International" a chance and come to enjoy it as much as I do. I really want to see a second season of this comedic masterpiece!!!
  • Absolutely hilarious!

    To be honest, I tuned in to this show because I knew Eric McCormack is an executive producer, and I'm a big fan of him. The second I started watching this show, I was hooked. The cast has gained loads of respect from me because of the well-crafted improv they each deliver every week. It's so off-the-wall, you can't help but laugh while you are watching this show. The cast members work so well with each other, and everything about this show works. Although you'd never trust your love life in the hands of Lovespring's employees, it's fun to watch them try to help their clients. This is definitely a show to watch every week.
  • This show's use of "Improv" is amazing!

    I really enjoy this show! I love the fact that it is "Improv"! It really works! The cast works well together, you can see the comedy spark with every line! I just hope that it gets picked up for another season. Also the Out takes at the end always crack me up! Keep it up guys! Make a second season and keep the comedy flowing!

    Note: My main question is "What's the title of the episode with the Psychic?" It's not on the Episode list! I don't know how else to contact the editor of this show but you missed one Episode. It should be between #8 "The Portrait and the Painter" and # 9 "The Homeless Rock Star", It aired on 8/21/06! And what's with this De-Muler (#12) Episode!? Was it shot and not aired? Some body help with some answers.
  • An unoriginal spoof of the office, set in the dating agency world (to tie in with their online dating sponsor) created, no doubt, to prove that stale photocopies of better shows can actually sell.

    It is like watching a high school drama troupe with bigger egos than talent running around on set, laughing at thier own jokes and thinking that anything they do is hysterical. Thankfully the shows that inspired this tired immitation are not lost to obscurity: Curb, The Office, et al: ideas can be stolen, but talent most definitely can not.
  • Lovespring is a delightful little romp into small office zaniness.

    Lovespring is a delightful little romp into zaniness. The cast is well chosen, their characters well acted, and the show\'s got great production values. Eric McCormick, star of \"Will & Grace\", produces the show and has guest starred on it once already. He and his colleagues are to be commended for fielding a first rate comedy. And thank you, thank you for not including a laugh-track ! In fact, the show is very much like the popular show, \"The Office\", although it\'s not a pseudo-documentary. But it\'s similar in that it\'s an awkward-situation comedy based in a small office environment. The actress you\'ll most likely recognize and was featured on the serie\'s promos is Wendi Covey who you\'ll remember from \"Reno 911\". The others are a mix of character actors from popular shows along with some relative unknowns. Jennifer Cox who plays Tiffany the Receptionist is one of the delightful surprises as she plays a narcissistic, flighty blonde. I don\'t want to go too long here, but this is a show you\'ll look forward to week after week. Try it, you\'ll like it !!
  • It is hallouries. I really like it.

    The show is great. I love the cast and how they act. They are so funny. It's like the office a little bit. I think that this well be a great show for people to watch. The secturty is dumb and funny and my personl favorite perosn on that show was that theropist. When he went into that bathroom to help that lady after seeing that video from her dates, he was saying like this is against his proll valltion and then tried to help her saying that she had great hair and wishes that he had that kind of hair.

    I would go to there if I want a date. It would be the last dating service that I would use..
  • A dating service is run by a carload of motley characters, with mixed success.

    I want the half-hour of my time back that I wasted watching this garbage. What was Eric McCormick thinking, getting involved with this nonsense? Based on the promos, the show looked promising, but viewers are fickle, and if you don't grab 'em in the first few minutes, they're not coming back. I have a longer attention span than that, but I'm not coming back again. I'm not sure if this is a non-scripted, some improvised, reality show send-up or what. It is, however, absolutely awful. A couple of these actors have been around for a while, and I expected better things of them. A couple of them were sort of recurring types on "Will & Grace," if I recall correctly. I have seen amateur productions better than this one! It doesn't matter what I think, when the chips are down. Let's see if anyone else tunes in next week. I kept waiting for something to happen during this thing, and wanted to scream "Get to the point, would you?" to no avail. Never again, folks. Never again.