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  • Loving was 1 of the all time greatest soapies evr.It was 1 that the whole family followed&I myself growing up hardly ever missed. The fight between the two families one rich and one poor reminds me very much of shakespeare'.

    No matter the viewer ratings in America, here in South Africa especially on mnet's open time the show was a crowd pleaser besides its plot and storyline was probably to hard to follow for most average Americans - I'm talking about the types on Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer - they the ones who end up watching majority of soapies and as far as I'm concerned are far less intelligent than the average African - And they still have the audacity to call us the dark continent...Well thats my bit and may Ava, Stacey and even Cabot live on in our memories forever.
  • I loved LOVING! To me it had great appeal. Most South Africans at the time identified with the show - you could somehow identify with it.

    I loved LOVING! To me it had great appeal. Most South Africans at the time identified with the show - you could somehow identify with it. The characters were pretty good for their time - I just loved it. Wish it would come back in its entirety. They put it on at a very inconvenient time here - most people were still at work, so missed it. I think it's rating would have been far higher, and its popularity, if it had been in a later time slot. The actors were pretty professional - especially the original cast. Come Back Loving - I miss you!
  • The most underrated soap opera on television!!!

    "Loving" premiered on ABC in 1983 as a two-hour made-for-TV movie. Created by Agnes Nixon and Douglas Marland, the show revolved around the lives and loves of residents of a fictional Pennsylvania college town called Corinth. "Loving" was considered to be a sister show to "All My Children," because many of AMC's characters had made frequent crossover appearances. Although "Loving" was never a huge success on daytime during its 12-year run, it did dealt with serious issues, such as Vietnam, incest, and AIDS. The show ended with a bang in 1995, when several of its characters were killed off by the way of a serial killer, while others have moved on to a new show called "The City," which lasted until 1997.
  • Not the best soap ever, but not the worst

    Loving was a show that got off to a promising start. It had an excellent cast which included future Sisters star Patricia Kalember and Malcolm in the Middle's Bryan Cranston. However, all that promise soon went out the window as great actors like Kalember were let go. The show floundered on for twelve years before finally being revamped into a new show called The City. But it did go out with a great storyline where a serial killer dispatched several long-time cast members. Still, it was a shame to see the show go after so many years.
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