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  • Lots of of waste

    This show had opportunities to be good but the writing was horrific. The show died the brutal death it deserved.

    The two main characters (Poms) were great. Mark Strong did a great job with his accent but Lennie James had to take the Southern accent route, a route used by many Brits when trying to speak in an American dialect. Both men are excellent actors and did not let us down.

    Some of the episodes were decent but the last two sucked and were the death knolls for this tv series.

    The penultimate episode was ridiculous ..... in fact horrible at best. It really turned me off to the show. The final episode was.... There is no word to describe it!

    Sayonara LWS .... I bet Strong and James were happy that there was no season 2.

  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    I needed a show to watch after Breaking Bad and the easiest thing to do is simply not change the channel, and that's how I discovered AMC's newest drama, Low Winter Sun. The show is an adaptation of the novel, Low Winter Sun by Simon Donald and if it sounds familiar to you, that because it has already been turned into a movie, back in 2006. While the show has a great time slot and a star who is already familiar with the role he's playing, the ratings for the show have been low and it's because the show has a lot of bark, but it really doesn't have any bite.

    Set in the bankrupt city of Detroit, Low Winter Sun, tells the story of two police detectives, who murdered a third. The dead man, Det. McCann was dirty and was putting the whole department at risk and they did what they had to do. The murder of a cop in Detroit is big news and the Mayor wants it solved by the two best homicide detectives they have, who also happen to be the killers themselves. The men are being watched by internal affairs and the mayor, so they have to make it look like they are really trying to solve the case, but a third party keeps getting in the way. This party who unintentionally keeps popping up, is the mob affiliated group that had McCann on their payroll. Their activities threaten the investigation which could ultimately lead back to the two detectives.

    The story makes for a good movie, but if this show is somehow renewed, which direction does it go it? Much like the Killing, this show is centered on one murder, but here the two main characters are the killers. Either they get caught and the series has to start a new in season two or the same story will just keep repeating itself until nobody cares anymore.

    The lead in the show is Mark Strong, who also played the lead in the 2006 film. The role calls for a smart, yet emotional character with a scared past, and to me the man just doesn't fit the role. Strong is a big tough guy, who is seemingly emotionless, and while he appears to be a smart cop, he just really doesn't fit or appeal to me as the lead detective.

    His partner is played by Lennie James, better know as Robert Hawkins in Jericho. This guy is one of the best law enforcement actor they could have gotten. James has been in a ton of things, always playing some type of law enforcer. He is experience and really terrific in everything he does. If it wasn't for him, I don't know if I'd be watching this show right now.

    The cast is rounded out by Sprauge Grayden who has gained some notoriety from the Paranormal Activity films. She is the missing link, caught in the middle between the mob aspect and the cops, having connections to both sides. She's really playing both sides and could ultimately hold the key to what is going to happen, as the first season comes to a close.

    Overall, Low Winter Sun isn't bad, but not great either. The story is strong and would make a good movie plot, but it seems like there aren't many places to go after they tell the initial story. The intensity they advertise in the commercials has yet to appear, and the show really doesn't have a way of getting people hooked on the story. I've been watching it because I'm a fan of Lennie James and it's on after Breaking Bad. If it wasn't for the time slot, I probably wouldn't have continued after the first episode and I suspect that others feel the same way, as the show has cancelled written all over it.
  • Soundtrack

    what is the name of the song at the end of episode 9 and who sings this song?
  • Compelling

    I think that this show has some real potential. Having grown up around Detroit and seen it's decline, I was drawn in to the story. I think that the cast is very strong and the main plot line around a murdered cop is compelling. It's dark and moody. If you want to laugh, go watch Rizolli and Isles or some other TNT crap.
  • Bad plot

    In the second episode the medical examiner said the victim was murdered because he should have had salt water in his lungs instead of the fresh water from the still trying to figure out where there is a body of salt water around Detroit Michigan.
  • I like it so far.

    I don't know why this show isn't higher rated. I think it's great. Generic at times, but still works.

    Frank Agnew is an interesting character, and the show has a certain visual- and dialoguial-style that I like.
  • Formula for a generic show

    Low Winter Sun, a drama starring a cop with personal issues working in an inner city and interacting with various characters who provide branching stories that form some type of plot. Unfortunately, as is the case with most American adaptations of foreign dramas, it falls painfully flat. To watch the show is so boring that you could only wish for longer commercials to tide use over into the next program. With that said, this is not the worst show on television, but it certainly never had a chance at 9PM, even with the underhanded promise of a Breaking Bad preview. Perhaps AMC should have let the show stand on its own feet instead on capitalizing on a time slot. 2, because I can understand if someone enjoys this show, though I never will myself.
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