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  • What ever happened to \"Lucan\"? My family and friends used to watch it every week and I wonder if it will ever be on again.

    I used to watch this show with my family in our living room every week. We all enjoyed Lucan (even though I don\'t recall it being aired for very long!) I was a 1970\'s child and I watched shows like \"The Man From Atlantis,\" The Hulk,\" \"Land Of the Lost,\" \"Six Million Dollar Man,\" and such. I thought it was a great idea to have a show about a kid who had wolf-like characteristics about him and was able to put them to use week after week in another episode. I recall Lucan\'s interactons with other students in his gym class and how freakish his abilities were. Now, it seems that only certain channels will give an old t.v. show some air play, unless the old episodes are sold on video. Lucan may not have been the best t.v. show, but I liked it.
  • neet show about a boy raised by wolves. Brought into this world and trying to deal with.

    I thought this was a really cool show, I loved when his eyes changed..would like to know if it is now, or will be in the future, available on dvd??? Do they play reruns anywhere? Has the lead actor done anything else lately??? Where can we find this info out?