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Satan, aka Lucifer, quitting his job from Hell because of boredom, coming to live in the city of angels L.A. With his experience and abilities he tries to help humanity, in his view of perspective, to bring out people's inner thoughts and deepest desires. Lucifer, wouldn't be Lucifer if he didn't end up in trouble. Trouble being a shoot-out with him and a girl, Lux, he met in a nightclub involved.

The same girl instead of letting him go to waste, guides him into being a consultant for the police force. Trying to do do some "Satanic good" he uses his abilities as a police consultant to strike at criminals with the law and justice on his side.


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    Fox Renews Lucifer and Rosewood

    Lord Satan and that charming pathologist are coming back!


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    Grab the bagels and schmear, the Cohens are back in April.

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    • Season 1


      I have kept up with every episode although I never comment. I really like this show for the fact that the show is twisting the way the devil has been view traditionally. We are seeing the softer side of the devil. That in itself is exciting. It is exciting to find out that the devil has vulnerbilities. I'm still waiting to see why does Chloe caused the devil to be mortal. I'm really excited about the episode ending with their mother. This is a totally new twist to the biblical story. I want to know all about the mother. Why is Lucifer scare of him? What kind of power does she has? I can't wait for the second second.

      I do want to see more magical power from Lucifer other than immortality, like his ability to command death and revive anyone from death or dying with a single thought or touch.

    • Bring back "Forever" and get lost with Lucifer.

      I couldn't wait for Lucifer - Tom Ellis is fantastic to play him - but sorry, but the detective - cop storyline + detective Decker are very annoying for me. As I was very excited about this new show, I lost interest about it.
    • Awesome

      Do you remember The Tarzan movies in the 30's? I grew up watching these: the stoic, taciturn hero then came Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes in the 80's. That had been mind-blowing, and I loved it more than the movies by Johnny Weissmuller. My father who went with us to the movies was shocked and refused to consider this version of his hero. In 1978 we had Christopher Reeves' Superman, the movies were epic and awe inspiring. And Smallville followed a much more credible version for a Kryptonian, who had to live on a planet and had to blend in with the natives, that version I more than loved.

      Isn't it natural that I would dig Lucifer? I stopped watching Supernatural when I got disgusted with the archangels who were more evil that demons. Then as Person of interest stopped it's production I got back to it, reluctantly I must say. In "Supernatural", demons do not punish the evils, they more like stealing any soul they wanted, with contracts that doomed the desperate good soul into hell. The churches preferred the earlier seasons of Supernatural especially the episode that shows that people committed suicide because of a demon (the rate of suicide had alarmed religion, now they point at the suicide demon WYBI?).

      But "Lucifer Morningstar" only wants the evil. (Religions are going to have a fit with this series) In his quest he helps Chloe Decker finding criminals, protects her and humanise himself. He is cheerful and the true tempter. He doesn't threatened, he just distribute favours in exchange for a demonic I owe you and the evil are justly punished in hell, he sees himself as the punisher. Without realising it, he is redeeming himself, he is also falling in love. One thing I KNOW is that where there is LOVE there is GOD. Need I say more?

      How this series is going to turn out, I don't know. Is it going to be stopped? Producers of TV shows has a tendency to stop these more often than they should, irrelevant of its faithful audience But it would be nice if the authors also produced books on the series just in case. They'd be surprised by the sales.

      ( And I agree with boedillard, fox is going to cancel it, they are famous for their half-a.. commitment tomoreless
    • I hope someone buys the show before Fox cancels it!

      Any decent show on fox gets cancelled. Fox start a lot of great shows then cancels them. Please sell it before you cancel it! I pretty much assume any good show that I really on Fox will be cancelled before season 2 ever comes around.

      The show actually keeps getting better so I fear its cancellation even more.
    • "Lucifer"" Another good show gone to Hell

      What started out as a fresh idea became at the season finale another car wreck. Towards the end of the season Lucifer's immortality came into doubt and the final episode is all about it. What does it matter if an angel or Satan dies? Don't they just go back to where they came from? And finally we find out that "Mpm" has escaped from Hell. The angels have a mother? Not just created by God? Hoo boy, here comes the car crash as another once good story line goes down the Hollywood rabbit hole.moreless
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      American Ninja Warrior

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