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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Once Upon a Time
      Once Upon a Time
      Episode 26

      God contemplates an alternate reality where because of one small change that he made, Chloe remained an actress, Lucifer never became a police consultant, and the rest of the group's lives are similarly different.

    • Boo Normal
      Boo Normal
      Episode 25

      While investigating the death of a child psychiatrist, Ella receives a visit from a childhood friend.

    • A Devil of My Word
      Episode 24

      Chloe, Lucifer, and Dan investigate Charlotte's death and soon realize who is responsible. Meanwhile, Maze rushes to protect Linda, and Chloe decides that she's had enough of Lucifer's "metaphors".

    • 5/7/18

      Charlotte asks Lucifer and Chloe to consider that the man they suspect of a murder has killed before. Meanwhile, Amenadiel contemplates what he has learned on Earth, and Lucifer tries to convince Chloe that things are back to normal after her breakup with Marcus.

    • 4/30/18

      Chloe takes time off to plan her wedding, and Maze agrees to set up her bachelorette party... and tries to make sure there's no drama. Unfortunately, Ella, Linda and Charlotte want drama. Meanwhile, Lucifer partners with Dan to solve the case of a murdered dog owner.

    • While Lucifer and Chloe track down a ballerina's killer, Marcus tries to get Chloe back. Meanwhile, Maze discovers that Marcus has called off his plan to frame Lucifer for his murder and isn't pleased.

    • 4/16/18

      Lucifer suspects that he is the angel that people have spotted in the San Bernadino area, and God is exacting revenge on him. Meanwhile, Marcus tries to convince Chloe to say that she loves him, and Charlotte gets a new lease on life after learning of the existence of Heaven.

    • 3/26/18

      A man is murdered and a security camera shows that Maze killed him. Maze tries to go back to Hell and turns to Marcus for help, while Charlotte makes a big discovery and questions her sanity.

    • 3/19/18

      Chloe and Lucifer hunt down a copycat of a serial killer who struck in the 50s... when Marcus was a police detective in LA. Meanwhile, Amenadiel says too much to Charlotte and turns to Linda for advice, and Dan tells Maze to shape up.

    • Let Pinhead Sing!
      Episode 17

      A killer targets a superstar diva, and Lucifer befriends her in the hopes that he can get God to not focus on Chloe. Meanwhile, Linda tries to make things up with Maze and Charlotte offers to mediate.

    • 3/5/18

      Chloe investigates the attempted bombing of a Hollywood producer, but soon realizes the woman's assistant was the target. Meanwhile, Lucifer and Marcus use the near-dead assistant to bring back Abel from Hell in an attempt to free Marcus from his curse.

    • 2/26/18

      While Amenadiel and Linda wonder if Maze suspects that they're involved, Lucifer and Chloe try to solve the murder of a best-selling novelist... whose missing afterward may give Lucifer the answer to his problem.

    • 2/5/18

      A diamond broker turns up dead, and Ella's oldest brother Jay is the suspected killer. While she hires Maze to find her missing brother, Chloe and Lucifer try to track him down as well. Meanwhile, Marcus has words with Amenadiel, while Charlotte goes to Linda for therapy.

    • 1/29/18

      Lucifer and Marcus go undercover as a married couple to find out who carried a drug manufacturer apparently went straight. Meanwhile, Maze tries to find out why Charlotte is so damned fascinating.

    • All About Her
      Episode 12

      Lucifer sets out to discover what Marcus is really up to. Meanwhile, Chloe has enough of Lucifer and sets out to solve a surfer's murder without him.

    • City of Angels?
      Episode 11

      When Lucifer first comes to LA, Amenadiel turns to him for help finding his missing necklace after a mugger takes it.

    • The Sin Bin
      Episode 10

      While Lucifer tries to regain his devil face back, Trixie meets Charlotte and wonders how she's involved with Dan.

    • The Sinnerman
      Episode 9

      The Sinnerman goes after people who have obtained favors from Lucifer. Meanwhile, Marcus returns to work and Amenadiel starts dating.

    • 11/20/17

      Lucifer and Chloe investigate a murder connected to a social dating app, Amenadiel comforts Linda after the death of her ex. Meanwhile, Ella tries to avoid Charlotte.

    • Off the Record
      Episode 7

      Linda's ex-husband shows up... and wants revenge on Lucifer for sleeping with her. Meanwhile, Lucifer and Chloe try to track down a serial killer.

    • 11/6/17

      Rather than face Chloe--and their relationship--on her birthday, Lucifer heads to Las Vegas when he learns that his ex-wife Candy has gone missing. Ella decides to tag along, and some of her history is exposed. Meanwhile, Linda and Dan help Chloe celebrate her birthday by helping her break into Lucifer's safe.

    • 10/30/17

      Lucifer and Chloe investigate the murder of a food chemist in a vat of his own pudding, and the trail leads them to Charlotte... who has no memory of the months when she was possessed by Lucifer's mother.

    • 10/23/17

      While Lucifer and Chloe investigate the murder of a youth counselor, Amenadiel tries to help Lucifer and Chloe suspects that Marcus is concealing his true feelings about her.

    • 10/16/17

      Maze goes to Canada to work out a tricky bountyhunting case, and Chloe worries that her friend is in over her head.

    • 10/9/17

      Amenadiel convinces Linda to help him dispose of Lucifer's discarded wings. Meanwhile, Lucifer and Chloe investigate the death of a failed comedian who accused a more successful one of stealing his act, and Marcus warns Lucifer about the Sinnerman.

    • 10/2/17

      Lucifer convinces Chloe to help him investigate his abduction, and they meet new commander Marcus Pierce.

  • Season 2
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