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  • Lucifer

    How can i watch season 4

  • Whats your most inner desires

    DON'T KNOW WHY THEY CANCELLED THE SHOW, but i'm very glad that my one of my favourite actors is back on NETFLIX:) TOM ELLIS is from Wales, Cardiff to be precise and thats where I'm from. Hope to see Tom and Lauren again very soon this year.
  • Season 4: Don't change a ....

    I love the premise, the characters, the actors and the dialogue. It is possible to fault the show for being a little light in the crime plot details, but given all the strengths of the show, I wouldn't change it! My only complaint is the lack of romance! for Chloe! I am halfway thru season 3 and the romance between Chloe and Lucifer is non-existent and the spark with Pierce fizzled out way too soon. I keep watching and waiting for something and I'm disappointed every show. The Monopoly game was one of my favourite scenes, but since then, there hasn't even been a hint that they are anything more than friends. I am happy the show was picked up by Netflix for season 4, but hope there is more excitement for Chloe.
  • Started well, but they ruined it.

    The first season was fun to watch. I liked the idea, the characters and the light humor.

    The problem is that it failed to progress and became more childish and annoying in the following seasons. There are 18 episodes in the second season and 26 in the 3rd, which is an insane amount, but every episode felt like I was still stuck at season 1. The main story progress is way too slow, not much changes during the season, and the focus each episode is on a new homicide. But after a while those homicide become too repetitive and boring. There was nothing unique or interesting about those cases and usually it was more dumb than realistic. Lucifer doesn't change at all during the show. His stupid behavior was fun in the first season but after so many episodes of seeing the same thing, it has become so annoying that it was already painful to watch.

    For example: He's often very convinced about something such as who's the killer and he'll keep reminding it to everyone around him with sentences such as "why investigate, I know he's guilty". He'll be annoying about for the entire episode, which is cute for the first time you see it, but you'll keep seeing episodes like this again and again with the same stupid behavior as if the writers themselves did not watch the previous episodes.

    You could stick episodes from season 3 into season 1 and you would barely feel a difference.

    It also feels like they forgot what the show is all about, it started to feel like a show for kids, which is a shame when we're talking about a show about the DEVIL. In the 3rd season Lucifer was barely using his powers, he often looked weak and the funniest part was the fact that a devil and a demon couldn't even torture a human to release the info they needed.

    FOX canceled the show for a good reason but Netflix for some reason decided to buy it.

    The 3rd season is so bad that I can't really see how Netflix can save this show. Most people won't be able to go through the 3rd season to even reach the 4rd one.
  • A Total Gem in the TV Wasteland Sludge

    Why waste your time on unreality shows or unfunny comedies when you have this utter diamond of a show. Often thought provoking, with action and a lot of humor. Am interesting cast of characters that dare to ask if we can redeem ourselves with the power that's within us? Higher beings confounded by the insaneness of humanity. Awesome show, you really need to sit and watch it

  • Why must they cancel...

    I have gotten attached to this show. At first I thought that it will be boring because it's got a lot of talking, but I came to love the characters. I love Ella's bubbly personality, Dan's love for pudding, Amenadiel trying to understand humans, and of course Chloe's patience with Lucifer. The news of it's cancelation really saddens me...

  • Great writting with a great cast

    Is a story of Lucifer Morning star tired of torturing people in hell, coming as human to Los Angeles to tried to redeem himself. His loyal Demon Mazikeen follows him to protected him. Only to look at your eyes he makes humans tell him, his deepest desires, but when he met Detective Chloe Decker, he doesn't have the same effect on him and she also make him vunureable. Is a story about redemption, friendship, accepting responsibility about your actions. Humour, drama, action and Special effects. Great writting and acting, this show is want of the ones out there.
  • The best TV show

    It's my favorite show of all times. Clever, funny, captivating. Brilliant humor, beautiful visual and soundtrack, interesting, lovable characters; a very talented cast and the leading actor Tom Ellis deserves Emmy for the performance he delivered in every scene. Highly recommend, and it's a shame such amazing show was canceled.
  • FOX Sucks

    They cancelled Lucifer. I don't know how these decisions are made, but Fox management seems intent on mucking up things. I agree that much of this year's storyline was juvenile. I, too, wondered why Lucifer seemed to forget everything he had learned so far about humans, or why, like a teenage boy, he couldn't tell Chloe he had feelings for her. Plot and character development are the important things and they were often misplaced by the writers. Ultimately I blame management, though. Maybe they were swayed by some evangelical idiot that a show about the devil promoted devil worship. (Eye Roll)

    I've always thought the main plot was Lucifer. The murders were just a means for the interacting of characters. Lucifer had Maze cut his wings off when he came to LA, but he still had his devil face. After he is kidnapped he wakes up in the desert with his wings but his devil face is gone. In the last episode

    Lucifer has saved Chloe and ended Cain and his henchmen. As he leans over Cain his face begins to glow red. He turns toward Chloe, but does he realize how he looks? It made me wonder if he now had no control over his visage. I guess I'll never know.
  • One of the best series i've watch

    the beginning and ending of the series was magnificent especially last 3 episode. The twist and the deliverance of the story was very good and watchable. But some character in the a couple of episode was kinda overplayed their part or some just not embodied their side character
  • Owsom season Lucifer

    Owsom season Lucifer season love it
  • Awesome premise, horrible execution

    Did the show fire all their writers after the first season and replace them with 9th graders? Because this show is more and more resembling shallow, fluffy fan fiction. People started watching this show because Lucifer, the mischievous hedonist with a strong sense of justice, was a compelling character. Now his character is awkward, whiny, and completely devoid of depth - a mentally handicapped teenager with no common sense. The other characters have similarly been reduced to simplistic, poorly conceived caricatures of what they started out as. What should be intriguing storylines are ruined by the idiotic dialogue. This show has a great premise, great storylines, and a great cast. The only thing stopping it from many more successful seasons is the utterly lazy, shallow execution.
  • Time to step it up, guys.

    I am a huge fan of Lucifer. I have been on board with this show since day one. However, the Lucifer as a three-year-old has gotten silly and stale. Surely, after all this time on earth, he would have gotten a clue on human behavior. He's not an idiot, yet he's still acting like one and it's getting annoying. Why on earth would Chloe ever want to be with him? For her it would be like adopting another child at this point. And the whole, Dad never loved me thing is just getting tired. I'm just saying, you're losing me. There's a lot of really interesting things about the character and story of Lucifer. Have you read Paradise Lost? The war in heaven. That's something you could delve into. Bring in the Archangels, they're awesome. Or maybe Chloe and Lucifer have a wild drunken night and she ends up pregnant. You could do a whole "Rosemary's Baby" thing. That would be fun, and it would add depth and dimension to Lucifer's character. I'm just trying to say, you keep rehashing the same old tired theme with the same old Lucifer. That clueless narcissist thing worked for a couple of seasons, but it's time to upgrade his character. Milton's Lucifer was a warrior, not a weak self-absorbed pansy. You need to step it up guys to keep it interesting.
  • Get rid of pierce he is sucking the life out of the show

    He killed the show. One dull male is enough and Dan had that role

    Pierce is not hot. Not funny. Not exciting not interesting.

    The Caine thing was worth a couple of episodes. Less with this pierce

    Kill him already and bring back mom or find something new. But he is sucking the life out of what used to be my favorite show
  • What happened to a great idea, Lucifer?

    Hollywood obsession to show vulnerabilities kills series, I expected to watch this show for a good 6 seasons, not gonna happen. Bring back the powerful, charming but not clownish Devil and rewind to season 2 and put back on track the Luci-Chloe fling and everything should be just fine. Please don't kill this one.
  • An Outstanding Cast

    This is my favorite show, and that is mainly because of the very interesting and sympathetic characters that have been created, the excellent acting, and the writers' sense of drama in creating ways for these characters to interact.
  • Amazing show!

    Lucifer is one of my favorite shows, if not THE favorite.

    Before i started watching i thought it was a mediocre show like lots of others, but when i started i was blown away. The acting is marvelous, Tom Ellis as Lucifer was an excelent choice, very funny and full of quirks that are hilarious. I hope the series goes a long way, all in all best show in a very long time. great job!
  • This is one HELL of a show

    I've been watching since Season 1 first started and I must say the show has really grown on me,I love the cast and characters and the acting is just superb. I love the little love ship [DECKERSTAR] between Lucifer & Chloe that's going on Season 1 was just the starting point of it,it literally grew with every episode. As for the season finales the season finale of Season 1 was fine but the Season 2 finale was a complete mindblower when Lucifer work up in the middle of a desert with his wings I was quite shocked and excited because well if you've haven't been following Lucifer cut off his angel wings and that's been the missing piece of the puzzle for me,because though Lucifer is the devil,he is actually a fallen angel and when I saw those beautiful wings on Lucifer's back well it was the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen,it meant that he had redeemed himself as an angel that's what the moral of the show 'redemption' that everybody can redeem themselves,he is the most irredeemable figure and the show has turned something evil into a good lesson. I highly recommend this show to anyone who wants to watch something that's very entertaining and worth the watch. Season 3 starts in October 2 so it's going to be one HELL of a season.
  • Amazing show. Love it<3

    I have watched so many shows in my vacations and 4 shows i loved v much and lucifer is one of them. I loved its every episode.. Great comedy. Fun to watch.. And ending of season 2 was amazing. Cant wait for season 3. Tom ellis is great as lucifer.. I dont think i can ever get bored of this drama.
  • Amazing

    Without doubt one of the best series in a few years

    Amazing in Pakistan so Many Fans are here its a Request from 30 People SEASon 3 Lucifer
  • Needs a better Devil!!!

    The devil CGI is pathetic. They paint his face and expect the bad guys to run in fear. It's ridiculously funny, but unfortunately its not a comedy. The acting is top notch though.
  • From heaven to hell

    This show started off with a great promise and amazing plot. However, season 2 became nothing but a lame detective and family show with stone faced Lauren German. This season kept plunging into the depths of crap and eventually ended after great pain. I am not looking forward for a next season. The only good thing about this series was Tom Ellis, however, he's not that charming to watch this painful series anymore. Writers didn't put any effort just sold a bad detective show.
  • Lucifer was...

    Lucifers first season, a charming devil that didn't know defeat, But with season 2 it feels more like a teen drama or soap-opera. Not at all the same series or even the same quality in writing. Seen from a man with love for quick and awesome series that are what they are.
  • lucifer is amazing!!!

    i think alot of people jude the show before even checking it out and they miss out on the greatnest the show actually has i hope to see this show on for a long time
  • Love it

    Great series.
  • Brilliant!

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching season 1, I highly liked it with all those brotherly fights and quirkiness of the show, Tom Ellis was a good choice to pick for the part! I am now looking forward to watching the 2nd season.
  • Season 2 Lucy's Mom is Hot as Hell!

    WOW! Even better than season 1. Congratulations to all the hotties on the cast and the director, producer and creatives! Thank You!
  • Breathtaking

    Lucifer is one of those series you watch without blinking in fear of missing something. I hope it does not change!
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