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Everything's Coming Up Lucifer

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Lucifer's attention is divided between a new murder case with Chloe, and his mother's escape from Hell. Meanwhile, Amenadiel tries to rein in Lucifer after Maze disappears.

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Oct 03, 2016
I have been watching this show from the first season. While Tom Ellis is good looking, it's his English accent that gets me. He also seems kind of child-like. I would expect the devil to be more foreboding and headstrong. He's the king of hell for chrissakes. And why does Chloe always look like she has dark circles under her eyes? Are they trying to show that she doesn't ever get enough rest? I like the idea that she is not easily swayed by his charm and it doesn't work so that makes Lucifer interested in her more. He likes a challenge. But I remember one episode where she did actually see his red eyes (am I right?) so wouldn't that scare the crap out of her?
Sep 25, 2016
Just a great opening to season 2. Can't wait for the second episode.

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