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Lucifer decides to abandon Hell, a decision that angers both sides in the Divine struggle. However, Lucifer is more interested in avenging the death of a former client, and teams up with a LA police detective to do it.

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May 09, 2016
Such fun! (Miranda's mother. From Mirand. Which is where I first saw Tom Ellis... and it is ever so lovely to see him again)

I'm always happy to watch a pilot of these shows because they always deliver such promise and punch. I go in knowing I probably need to lower my expectations for the following episodes as they stretch a quickly premise to its limit. And this fit the profile so far: catchy, cheeky, saucy, fun and colorful. A killer (pardon the pun) soundtrack and plenty of questions to answer.

Looking forward to ep 2 and very happy to hear a second season has been ordered so at least if I get hooked I know there are plenty of opportunities for it to destroy itself before the end. Pessimistic? Maybe. But this is a show about the Devil.moreless

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Comedy, Drama, Horror, Suspense