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  • Dense, deliberate and distinguished

    Long a fan of the dearly departed (and brilliant) Deadwood, I was gassed at the prospective return of creator, David Milch. You will not leave disappointed.

    Luck is his new show set at the Santa Anita horse track outside LA. It has a fully-loaded cast lead by ex-con "Ace" Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) and horse owner "Old Man" (Nick Nolte). The rest of the cast is loaded with literally dozens of familiar TV and movie faces. Especially fun to watch are Dennis Farina as "Gus", Richard Kind as "Porky Pig" and Kevin Dunn as the wheelchair-bound "Marcus."

    Full of inside-racing vernacular, abbreviated sentences and dialog captured mid conversation, it's a little difficult to follow. Like reading Dickens, it takes a while to settle in to your consciousness. I watched it twice to make sure I was able to savor every scene. This is not your ordinary television. If your idea of good tv is "Two Broke Girls" you're likely not going to have the patience for the pacing or verbiage in this densely written drama.

    Personally, I can't wait to see the chapters of this potential masterpiece to unfold.