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  • Magnificent

    Each passing moment is to be savored; everybody says they want TV like this and then they refuse to enjoy it when they get it. Every episode the performers individually make themselves more readable and collectively show what superb acting can do with intelligent writing. Ace clearly has things under the surface we are yet to see, and Dustin Hoffman is capable (and more) of putting that across. Each time they change locations or characters I am left wanting to know what happened to the characters right after that cut. Congratulations to everyone involved in making and everyone willing to take on a show like this.

    This is my first review for, and that is because nothing since X-Files has been as inspiring and addictive as this show. It's like picking up a classic book once a week and allowing yourself an hour to read as much as possible.

    Giving up after ten minutes is not a review. I wonder if any of the previous reviewers kept watching to find out why the gambling storyline was so important to the pilot episode as a character introduction and now the betting isn't even really discussed, except as Jerry's poker problem. Each of the nuances of the first two episodes are larger and more intriguing now that we know who we are getting involved with -- although every week each character turns your thinking around. Will Ace's temper derail his attraction to Claire? Is Escalante the slavedriver he is at work or the lover he is at night? The anticipation of these many varied characters on a collision course is as enticing as any storyline TV has ever tried to present.
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