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The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are about 1 in 175 million, according to a quick Google search. But those are still better than ABC lottery drama Lucky 7's odds of surviving until the end of its 13-episode order after the 0.7 18-49 demo rating it posted in its second week. Television's Grim Reaper emerged from its mausoleum under the Hollywood sign today and strolled down to ABC, where it swung its might scythe into the heart of the two-episodes-old Lucky 7, making it the first cancellation of the fall season, according to TV Line

The drama starred Matt Long, Isiah Whitlock, Jr., Summer Bishil, and Lorraine Bruce as employees of a gas and service station who pooled their money and won a lottery jackpot, changing their lives forever, for better or worse. I loved the idea but didn't care much for the pilot, and apparently viewers didn't either. It debuted to 4.43 million viewers and earned a 1.3 in the adult demo before plummeting to 2.62 million viewers and a 0.7 rating this week. That is not good. At all. 

But some viewers will miss Lucky 7 for what it wasn't. It was not a cop show, a detective show, an FBI show, a doctor show, a lawyer show, a firefighter show, a superhero show, a serial-killer show, a vampire show, a werewolf show, a reality show, a zombie show, a home-improvement show, a singing show, a sketch-comedy show, a fairy-tale show, or a show about domes. So kudos for trying to be original, Lucky 7 (however, let's not forget that it was an adaptation of a British series). 

Repeats of Scandal, whose Season 3 premiere went bonkers in the ratings last night, will replace Lucky 7. There's no word on if or when ABC will air the remaining produced episodes. 

Last year, the Reaper waited until October 10 to make its first cancellation, claiming the soul of Made in Jersey after two episodes. The year before that? The Playboy Club, also on October 4.  

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