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Well, Lucky 7 premiered last night, a new ABC drama, to not-outstanding ratings (a 1.3 rating, the lowest ever for a new fall drama's premiere in the network's history). Did the viewers know that Lucky 7 was not a good show? Or were they missing out? TV.com's Noel Kirkpatrick reviewed the pilot, and now I'm going to as well. Will we agree or disagree? Read my review to find out!

I was going in last night expecting a not-bad show. The show exceeded my expectations! There were some problems (okay, we know they are going to win the lottery!) and there was a bit of exposition, but some characters still have things about them that we have yet to know. Now I will review each character in the show.

Matt (Matt Long) seems to have the most focus in this first episode. He and his brother need money. If they'd waited just another hour before acting, they would have been fine, as they would have found out that they won the lottery. But, they did not know, so they robbed the store, accidentally putting Bob in the hospital in the process. Throughout the rest of the episode, Matt faces many feeling of guilt.

Nicky (Stephen Louis Grush) is Matt's brother. He got into trouble in the past, and now he is associated with some of the wrong people. He does not feels as bad about Bob's injury as his brother. I hope we can find out more about him soon.

Denise (Lorraine Bruce) I first thought would be more of a comic relief character, but as the episode went on I realized that her problems are taken just as seriously as the others'. I like her character because it really shows that a smiley person like her can also really have some serious issues in their life. She was my favorite character in this episode.

Leanne (Anastasia Phillips) seemed to me from the clips I saw before the show premiered to be a very central character. I wonder what her past holds and what she is trying to hide. Her daughter is really sweet and I hope that nothing happens to her and that their relationship remains good.

Samira (Summer Bishil) is kind of a mystery right now. At this point, she hasn't really convinced me to care about her very much.

Bob (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) really cares about the others and is close to them, which is shown by how upset Matt is when Bob ends up in the hospital.

Antonio (Luis Antonio Ramos) is the smart one whose smart decision looked stupid. Also, the scene where he got home and they all thought he won the lottery was great!

Overall, the pilot was really good, not great, but really good. I'm excited for next week though! I hope that this show doesn't get canceled too quickly.


I'm going to loose a pound every week until I'm the weight I was on our wedding night.
Ted: How long's that going to take?
Denise: Not long. Until November 2014.

Leanne: What if we pick new numbers?
Denise: But if we pick new numbers, our old numbers will win!

Denise: He said he was at a friend's house and he would be home late.
Leanne: So?
Denise: He never came home at all.

Antonio: We're family, right? Nothing's ever gonna change that. Money ain't gonna change that.


What did you think of Lucky 7's series premiere?
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